Bamo ES 2001 Resistive Level Controller

Bamo ES 2001 Resistive Level Controller is used as a limit value detector on conductive liquids; Probes and rods are chosen according to the application. Detection sensitivity to different type of liquids is set through the built-in potentiometer from 1 to 150 kΩ.

The hysteresis between on/off switching of output relay is about 20% of sensibility. Such a narrow hysteresis limits false detection by a leakage current due to presence of mist, foam or condensed vapors.

With both timers, it is easy to adjust the level detection or level regulation to prevent false triggering due to wave effects. For level detection, 1 relay ES2001 is necessary for each independent trigger point.

Bamo ES 2001 Resistive Level Controller Features

  • For all electrically conductive liquids
  • Adjustable sensitivity, timer; selectable operating mode
  • Functions:
    • On /Off level controller between 2 rods
    • Level regulation (filling/draining) between 2 thresholds (3 rods)
    • Compatible with all our electrodes


  • Control of the level height of electrically conductive liquids
  • Fill or drain automated operation

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Bamo ES 2001 Resistive Level Controller Specification

Power supply 230, 115, 48, 24 V AC – 50/60 hz
24, 12 V DC
Consumption ≤2VA
2 Change-over contacts
Outputs Max. 250 V AC; 5 A; 500 VA
Max. 125 V DC; 1 A; 40 W
Galvanic insulation < 6 V AC / < 2 mA
Powered detection loop
Hysteresis About 20 % of sensitivity
Sensitivity Adjustable on 2 ranges
1 … 70 kOhm (Low range)
5 … 150 kOhm (High range)
N.O. or N.C through DIP switch
Operating status
Timer Delay “ON” and “OFF” from 0.5 to 3 s
Adjustable through a potentiometer
-15 … +45 °C
Ambient temperature
Mounting Rail DIN 46277
Protection IP 40 (tropicalization on request)

Download Data Sheet: Resistive Level Controller ES 2001


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