Bamo RXM 2851 Resistive Level Detector

Bamo RXM 2851 Resistive Level Detector detects the difference of resistance between the detection electrode and the reference electrode when the liquid comes into contact. The reference can be the wall of the metal container or a second electrode. To carry out this detection, a DC voltage of 12V is applied between the electrode and the reference. The value of the resistor to detect varies according the liquid and distances to cover between the electrode and the reference.

Bamo RXM 2851 Resistive Level Detector Features

  • For liquids with low conductivity
  • Detection range: 4.7 MΩ up to 100 MΩ
  • Limit detection adjustment on the front
  • Detection between 2 electrodes
  • 100 % compatible with our level probes

Limit detection adjustment

The detection limit of the RXM is defined as the maximum value of the resulting resistance of the product for which the detection can occur. – The detection limit is adjustable between 4.7 to 100 MΩ. – Take care to use the specific coaxial cable (Ref. CCA) to connect the electrodes to the relay RXM. – The detection limit potentiometer is accessible after taking off the transparent plastic lid.

Resistive probes

Choose the right probe according to operating conditions and the chemical compatibilities (liquid, pressure, temperature, etc.).


Level control Min. or Max. of highly resistive liquids or solids: Demineralized water (5 to 20 MΩ), Glycerine (≈ 1 MΩ), etc.

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Bamo RXM 2851 Resistive Level Detector Specification

Power supply 230 V 50/60 Hz
Other supplies: On request
Consumption <10VA
Response time From a fraction of a second up to 3 seconds depending
on the detection limit setting.
Ambient temperature limit 65 °C
Relay outputs 2 Changeover contacts, potential free
Switching power 750W/380V/4A
Housing Plastic – DIN Rail Mounting

Download Data Sheet: Resistive Level Detector RXM 2851


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