Hengstler HD25 Incremental Encoder

Hengstler HD25 Incremental Encoder is a unit for high demands that exceed the requirements of IP66/IP67 and NEMA 6. Available with stainless steel housings, these rotary encoders are ideal for tough ambient conditions that require excellent resistance to high-pressure cleaners and corrosive chemicals.

Large-sized bearings are designed to withstand high axial and radial forces up to 440 N. The HD25 series of rotary encoders also includes intrinsically safe ATEX variants for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The HD25 Harsh-Duty Optical Encoder is a compact heavy-duty encoder designed to exceed IP66/IP67 and NEMA 6 enclosure requirements. It is also available in stainless steel that exceeds NEMA 4X and NEMA 6P requirements and is ideal for stringent washdown environments, including those where high-pressure steam or caustic chemicals are needed to meet regulatory requirements.

The HD25 features a max. 440N Axial and Radial Bearings, -40° to +100°C temperature range and unique labyrinth double-sealed housing, and optional dual “redundant” outputs and is covered by a two-year warranty (one year for bearings).

NorthStar’s traditional quality, reliability, and value are built-in to every HD25 encoder. Also available in this series, is an Intrinsically Safe version certified to ATEX EEx ia IIB T4 when used with the appropriate IS Barrier. Accessory barriers can be supplied with the encoder.

Hengstler HD25 Incremental Encoder Features

  • Single or Dual output
  • Optional high current line driver
  • ATEX Certification available for Intrinsically Safe application
  • High Resolution Unbreakable Disk
  • Industrial Duty Connector n NEMA 4X / IP67 Rated
  • Nickel or Stainless Steel Housing available


The HD25 Harsh-Duty Optical Encoder is ideal for machine applications with corrosive environments that demand heavy washdown protection. This compact, the special-duty encoder is designed to exceed IP66/IP67 and NEMA 6 enclosure requirements with a PPR range through 5000. ATEX certification is also available for intrinsically safe applications.

  • Converting Machinery
  • Material Handling
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Pickling Equipment
  • Processing Equipment

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Hengstler HD25 Incremental Encoder Specification

Product Family HD25
Ordering Information Rotary Encoder HD25
Function / Application Incremental
Technology Optical
Approval CE
Housing Diameter [mm] 67 mm
Solid- / Hollow Shaft Solid 10 … 12 mm
Protection Rating Housing IP67
Operating Temperature [°C] -40 … +100 °C
Housing Option Stainless Steel
Nickel Finish
powder coated alumunium
Increased Environmental Requirements High mechanical robustness
Ex atmosphere
CSA approval
Connection Cable
Revolutions [rpm] 6.000 rpm
Number of Pulses 1 … 5000
Interface Differential Line Driver
Open Collector NPN

Ref: hengstler.de

Download Data Sheet: Incremental Encoder HD25

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