Nagano Keiki Pressure Gauge

Nagano Keiki Pressure Gauge have specialized in pressure gauge manufacturing for over 120 years since our foundation and are proud of the world’s largest production and sales capabilities. We continue to work hard for your valued trust.

Nagano Keiki Product List

Pressure gauge

  • Pressure gauge (Compound, Vacuum)

    • Model. A□20、A□10、A□15: General Industrial Pressure Gauges
    • Model. BN13: Standardized Articles JPI Pressure Gauges
    • Model. BR12: Wireless Pressure Gauge
    • Model. BA, BC, BE, BG, BJ, BL: Process Industrial Pressure Gauges
    • Model. GA_: Grade 0.6 Pressure Gauge
    • Model. GA_: Grade 0.5 Pressure Gauges
    • Model. GD1_: Duplex Pressure Gauge
    • Model. GF: Solid Front Pressure Gauges
    • Model. GF3: Solid Front Pressure Gauges
    • Model. GF3・GV4・EJ15・KJ16・KJ91: Pressure Measurement Instruments for Hydrogen
  • Differential pressure gauge

    • Model. DG12: Small Differential Pressure Gauge
    • Model. DG16・DG17: Diffetential Pressure Gauge
    • Model. DG26: Diffential Pressure Gauge
    • Model. DG55・DG57: Differential Pressure Gauge
    • Model. DG70: Differential Pressure Gauge
    • Model. DG80: Differential Pressure Gauge
    • Model. DG85:Differential Pressure Gauges
    • Model. DG87: Differential Pressure Gauge
    • Model. DG93: Fine Differential Pressure Gauge
    • Model. DG95・DG96・DG97・DG98: Differential Pressure Gauge
  • Digital pressure gauge

    • Digital pressure gauge
    • Digital differential pressure gauge
    • Digital indicator & Meter relay
    • Others
  • Low pressure gauge

  • Absolute pressure gauge

  • Diaphragm-seal type products

  • Others

Pressure switch

  • Mechanical type

  • Electric type

  • Indicator with switch

  • Others

Pressure sensor

  • Pressure transmitter

  • Differential pressure transmitter

  • Load sensor

  • Level sensor

  • Others

Temperature gauge

  • Bimetal type

  • Filled system type

  • Indicator with switch

  • Switch

  • Transmitter

  • Others

Flow & Heat meter

  • Flowmeter for water

  • Flowmeter For air & gas

  • Heatmeter & Heatmonitor

  • Others

Inspection & Calibration instrument

  • Dead weight tester

  • Liquid column manometer

  • Precision aneroid manometer

  • Digital precision manometer

  • Others

Accessory and Others

  • Accessory & Regulator

  • Ceramics products

  • Measurement & Control products

  • Noise level meter & Vibration meter

  • Others



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