RMF-10KP2 (K)│Through Beam Riko Photo Sensor

RMF-10KP2 (K) Through Beam Riko Photo Sensor designed with a thread tubular photo sensor that have range distancing until 10m.


  • Standard M18 cylindrical metal tube.
  • Threaded length = 35 mm.
  • ABS barrel applied to factory environents.

Specification and model

 Sensing type  Diffuse reflection Through beam
 Sensing Distance  30 cm 10m
 Emitting light Infrared LED 875 nm Infrared LED 850 nm
 Operating voltage  DC12 ~ 24 V
 Current consumption  30 mA Max.  45 mA Max.
 Load current  100mA Max. at DC24V
 Output type NPN L.on/D.on PNP D.on/L.on
 Response time  1.5 ms Max.
 Insulation resistance 20MΩ min. (DC500V)
 Voltage withstandability AC1000V 60Hz for 60 Sec.
 Operating temperature -25℃ ~ + 60℃
 Ambient humidity 35% ~ 85%  RH
 Protection degree IP66
 Material ABS
Wiring method pre-wired Ø4.2 x 2 M / 4-wires  M12  pigtailed type (Reciever)  Ø5.2 x 2M/ 4 wires M12  pigtailed type
Ø5.2 x 2M/3 wires
Option Bracket: MF-01
Weight Approx. 80 g Approx. 40 g Approx. 160 g Approx. 60 g


the specification can be change, please consult before you order

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