Thermax Thermostrip WD

Thermax Thermostrip WD

Thermax Thermostrip WD Washer Disinfection Temperature Indicator Labels for Medical Instruments Thermostrip®WD is a self-adhering, waterproof, color-changing label that measures the surface temperature of medical utensils in washer disinfectors, bedpan washers and any thermal disinfector.

Using Thermostrip™ WD on a medical utensil surface with each wash cycle will indicate that the proper surface disinfection temperature has been reached. Label creates a permanent, accurate record of attained temperature and is  easily removed with no residue for record retention purposes.

Thermax Thermostrip WD Descriptions:

  • Dual Temperature Event Label 82 and 93ºC
  • Labels change from white to black, permanently, when the temperature has been reached
  • Remove and retain as a record of temperature attained
  • Waterproof
  • 1.75 X..5” Label
  • Accurate to ±1ºC of rated temperature

How to Use :

  • Attach to the thickest clean dry medical utensil
  • Place labeled utensil in washer disinfector and run washer disinfector
  • Read label – Label will turn from white to black when surface temperature reaches rated temperature
  • Remove label and attach to washer disinfector documentation

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Custom Products:

In addition to the standard Thermax® labels, which cover the temperature range of 29 – 290°C, a full custom manufacturing service is available, and products can be manufactured to meet customers’ precise requirements of, for example, size, shape, color, temperature range, number of temperature elements, graphic printing (logos etc.).

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