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About Flow Control

Flow Control is a Finnish company that manufactures circulation lubrication systems, flow meters, and seal supply systems for the purposes of the paper-, pulp- and chemical industries.

Condition surveys of seal water- and circulation lubrication systems also fall within our expertise. We thrive in competition with our strong know-how and by being able to flexibly tailor solutions according to our client’s needs. Our company can provide anything from individual flow meters to complete systems. We respond to our customers’ high-quality requirements with innovative, preventive, and quality-conscious work.

Flow Control was founded in 1995 by Teuvo Huhtala. We have been located in Muurame, Central Finland, since the beginning. Huhtala has more than 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing flow meters. Huhtala has invented several patented solutions and received an award of recognition from the Foundation for Finnish Inventions.

Protecting the environment is an important and significant part of Flow Control’s work. We use proper raw materials and procedures to minimize the stress we cause on the environment. Our Multi FlowUnit seal supply system helps to control the usage of water and the amount of sewage created from the shaft sealing. We have been constantly developing and improving our products to meet changing demands of our customers. This is our modus operandi regarding the environment, too; we are prepared for nature’s challenges today and tomorrow.

The Products of Flow Control


FlowUnit/FLC200 was developed specifically to monitor the amount of seal water used in rotating shaft seals in the pulp and paper industries. It is possible to tell the condition of the seal from one glance.

The sealing of rotating shafts is a significant cost factor in process industries. For this reason, it is not irrelevant how sealing water flows and how it is monitored. Unnecessary seal water results in excess raw and wastewater usage. By controlling seal water amounts it is possible to decrease the costs incurred through reduced water demand and wastewater loads. FlowUnit seal water control unit is an invaluable tool for dealing with these unnecessary costs.


  • FCQ – For pressureless seals; Quench seals.
  • FC – For packings and single mechanical seals.
  • FCP – For double mechanical seals.
  • 8035 – Maintenance free digital flow meter for controlling seal water of vacuum pumps.

Multi FlowUnit

Multi FlowUnit is a new generation seal supply system, which has an improved and advanced operating principle that allows greater tolerances for impurities in the seal water. The Multi FlowUnit detects leakages in dual seals even under 0.1 liters (0,025 usgpm) and operates reliably in low flow rates.

Thanks to an extremely large flow aperture diameter of the Multi FlowUnit, through its U-shaped float, can flow even 2000 µm (0,079 in.) particles at 4 LPM (1 usgpm). Even the usage of different kind of circulation waters of paper and pulp mills as sealed water is possible (in a stainless steel body).

The Multi FlowUnit seal supply system has two different functions in the same body (in dual seals):

  • Zero-Flow (Non-Flow), a dual seal’s outlet is plugged (or closed by a valve) with a pressure of the main supply pipeline, but without pressure control.
  • A regular flush and pressure control.
  • The Multi FlowUnit detects leakages in dual seals into or out of the product (also O-ring leaks on the shaft). The inductive sensor connected to the Multi FlowUnit detects.

SZ8 SealCooler

SZ8 SealCooler™ Thermosiphon System is designed with advanced and completely new ways to succeed simple and robust structure. The thermosiphon system developed by Flow Control is specially designed to be used for dual seals, which have pumping features.

The pumping feature improves a sealing liquid’s circulation in the thermosiphon system, in which case the mechanical seals can be cooled and lubricated more efficiently. The system minimizes the dry running on the seal and extends its life of the seal. The system also generates savings in sealing water consumption compared to an external flush system.


The RealFlow is a digital oil flow meter that is specifically designed for measuring and monitoring the volumes of oil flow circulation in a paper machine. The RealFlow unit can also control the volume of lubrication oil flow, as well as generate accurate real-time measurement data for the SCADA system.

Flow rates are formed by measuring pulses from a pair of oval gears inside the RealFlow meter, using an inductive sensor. The flow meters’ operating condition can be observed at a glance by the flashing of the inductive sensor’s leads.

States of flow rate, set point, and alarm limits (Hi, Lo, Lolo) are available in real-time from every measurement point. Alarms are of relay-type binary alarms. The SCADA software allows the reading and writing of these parameters from every assembled measurement station. Data transmission to and from measurement stations can be implemented by using the Modbus RTU- or TCP protocols.


Modular construction oil circulation lubrication meters for paper machines RealFlow digital oil flow meter, FO-OilFlow variable area oil flow meter FO-OilFlow circulation lubrication meters unique self-cleaning technology ensures that the flow tube indicator remains clean. The measuring technique is spring-loaded and based on pressure differences. Because of the spring load, the flow rate is constant and accurate.

Flow levels are adjusted directly according to the flow tube scale, removing the need for a conversion scale. In normal operation, floats are always on the same level regardless of the flow rate. This makes it easier to monitor flow meters visually, i.e. just a glance is enough to check the operation of the entire group. Optional lower limit ensures that circulation lubrication reaches every oiling point.

FO-OilFlow advantages:

  • Direct flow capacity display l/min
  • Built in modular form (1 – 12 pcs/base plate)
  • Cleans the display automatically
  • Spring loaded to ensure stable operation
  • Quick and easy to adjust

FlowFilter Double Strainer

FlowFilter double strainer is planned especially for objects that are using high concentrations of humus water or another kind of water with small particles. The meter can be used with quench-rinsed seals, packings seals, single mechanical seals, or mechanical seals. It has a compact filter construction where it combined FlowUnit seal water control unit.

In the double strainer unit, the filter can be changed and cleaned without interrupting the water flow to the strainer unit or to seal. The flow rate can be directed alternatively through two filters so the object is always receiving filtered seal water. The great advantage of FlowFilter operation idea is the opportunity to allow service or filter change without the need for stopping the flow.

Flow ranges 0,5-4, 1-8, 4-15 and 10-30 LPM (GPM on request)
Max. pressure 20 bar / 290 psi
Ambient temperature 0 to 85°C / 32 to 185°F (POM)
Accuracy ±5%
Pressure drop 1,2 bar (4 l/min) 2,5 bar (8 l/min)
Body material type POM (PE, 1.4401/1.4301 or PVDF)
Metal parts POM (PE, EN 1.4401/brass)
Flow tube Trogamid TR 55 (PSU or glass)
O-rings NBR (FPM)
Support Stand, L- or Z-brackets

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