Heavy duty connector
Heavy duty connecttor

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MPM426W, microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter

It uses a high-performance pressure sensor as a sensing element, which could measure liquid static pressure that is positively proportional to level depth precisely, and transform pressure signal.

MPM489WZ1, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter

It fully sealed submersible level transmitter based on the diffused-silicone principle with highly stable and reliable piezoresistive pressure sensing element and the special PCB component.

MPM436W Submersible, Microsensorcorp-Level Transmitter

MPM436W Submersible, Level Transmitter can be widely used for water and level measure and control of petroleum, chemical- industry, power station, city water supply, and drainage and hydrology, etc.

MPM426WS Deep-water, microsensorcorp-Level &Temperature Transmitter

It uses a high stable and reliable piezo-resistive OEM pressure sensor and a PT1000 temperature sensor with a high-performance signal processing circuit mounted in a stainless steel housing

TC Fluid Control Standard Magnetic Level Gauge

A stainless steel, titanium or plastic float fitted with a permanent omni-directional magnet moves freely inside the chamber and actuates the magnetic wafers contained within the indicator.

Schreiner System Engineering, Leak Testing and Leak Detection

CTS-Schreiner designs and manufactures some of the industry’s most technically advanced, best-performing leak test systems, leak detection equipment, and related components and accessories.

Sepha Deblistering Products

Deblistering could help you reduce your cost. Blister packs can be rejected for several reasons including empty pockets, incorrect product, incorrect batch coding, leak test failure & inventory changes.

Sepha Leak Testing

Unlike the industry standard destructive test methods like Blue Dye Methylene, our testing methods are non-destructive, allowing product that has been tested to be returned to the production line.

Kaidi Conveyor Belt Safety

Conveyor Controls include safety stop switches, pull cords, belt sway switch, belt misalignment switch, damaged belt detectors or belt rip detectors, bucket elevator alignment controls, and more.

Sepha PressOut Universal Deblistering

Sepha PressOut Universal is a high-speed automated deblistering machine that recovers tablets and capsules from rejected blister packs including child resistant and peelable packs.

Fluidwell C401 Hydrogen Dispenser
Fluidwell C401 Hydrogen Dispenser
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