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Lovibond Instrument, photometers, electrochemical meters, our turbidity instruments or setups are being used in the field and in laboratories for visual and automatic measurements. By using our powders, tablets or liquid reagents, electrodes, sensors or infrared light sources our products detect impurities in drinking water, help process waste water and monitor biocides and bacteria in ground and surface water. Whether on-line directly within the industrial process or off-line with sample solutions: Our instruments help to avoid corrosions and scale in industrial plants, guarantee safe fun in the swimming pool or ensure compliance to required values.

Turbidity Meter with USB
Turbidity Meter with USB

In petroleum, edible oils, foods, textiles, beverages and cosmetics Lovibond® Tintometer ensures quality with colour control. The implementation of internationally recognised colour scales, colorimeters and comparators also ensure the right colour is met in aviation and medical science as well as in coatings and mineral oils. We are setting standards for analytics – since 1885 with the Lovibond® colour scale.

The strengths of Lovibond® Tintometer Group are progressive, customer-oriented product development, sustained production, a highly flexible distribution and service network as well as first-class customer support. With laboratory instrumentation and chemistry we offer everything from a single source.

Lovibond instrument expertise has developed over 130 years as a family enterprise. Over 370 highly qualified employees deliver the wealth of experience, together with our products and customer service, into 160 countries. This enables us to continue to develop innovative solutions for many essential areas of life.

Lovibond Instrument product below as:

  • Visual Measurement
    • Model F: Visual Colorimetry : Lovibond® Precision
    • AF 710-3: Visual Grading for the Wesson Method
    • Comparator 3000/ Petroleum AF650, Visual Grading: Single Scale, 3-Field Visual Measurement
    • Comparator System 2000, Visual Grading: Single Scale, 2-Field Visual Measurement
    • Comparator Colour Discs: Glass fade-free standards
  • Automatic Transmission Measurement
    • PFXi-195 Series: Spectrophotometric Colorimeters with Remote Calibration
    • PFXi-880,- 950, -995 Series: Spectrophotometric Colorimeters with Extended Path Length & Optional Heater
    • Model Fx: Accurate Measurement of the Colour of Edible Oils at the Correct Temperature
    • EComparator: The Best of Both Worlds – Electronic and Visual Colour Measurement
    • RCMSI, Remote Calibration: Ensures Correct Operation and Compliance with International Standards
  • Automatic Reflectance Measurement
    • TG Series: Gloss meters for low, medium and high gloss levels paints, coatings, plastics and many more related materials.
    • TR Series: Spectrophotometer for surface colour measurement of solids, liquids and powders in a range of geometries and apertures.
    • LC 100 & SV 100 Spectrocolorimeter: Hand-Held Imaging Spectrocolorimeter
    • NC 45, Non-Contact: Non Contact Spectrophotometer
    • RT series: Versatile portable and benchtop spectrophotometers
  • TA 4 Online-Colorimeter
  • Cuvettes / cells
  • Colour Lab

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Iwaki Chemical Pump

Iwaki Pump

Iwaki Pump is their large variation of products, often considered the Widest range of specialist Chemical Pumps. Iwaki was established 1956. While developing products for the diverse needs of customers, we built a wide-range, low volume production system. Today many customers tell us, if there is anything they need to know about chemical pumps, they first ask us. Our journey so far parallels the history of chemical pump development and we are proud to be a part of this history. Leveraging our quality control and product expertise built from our long experience and proven track record, we will continue to supply high quality products that meet our customers’ requirements.

Iwaki Pump
Iwaki Pump

Iwaki Pump Product Below as:

Chemical Pumps Line Up

  • Magnetic drive pumps

Magnet drive designs have become the standard for applications requiring corrosion resistant pumps. Our magnet drive pump designs offer a wide range of capabilities from compact OEM configurations to our large chemical process pump series. This broad range of magnet drive pump capabilities is unmatched in the industry making us the leader in magnet drive pump technology.

Product lineup by max. discharge capacity range (50/60Hz)

    • Max. discharge capacity 135L/min and below, Small size magnetic drive pumps
    • Max. discharge capacity: 800L/min and below, Middle size magnetic drive pumps
    • Max. discharge capacity: 5000L/min and below, Large size magnetic drive pumps
  • Motor driven metering pumps

Range of metering pumps from Iwaki pump for various requirements of chemical feeding. Their quality and performance are tried-and-tested. Iwaki continuously strive to manufacture ideal metering pumps such as hydraulic diaphragm pumps for process use that can withstand tough use conditions, mechanically-driven diaphragm metering pumps for general purpose, electromagnetic metering pumps with excellent controllability.

  • Electromagnetic metering pumps

Electromagnetic pump series equipped with multi-voltage power source are used in diverse chemical feeding situations. Starting from ultra-compact high resolution basic pumps to pumps equipped with multifunctional digital controllers for water treatment, a wide array of models are available. Several variations, and rich line up of accessories most certainly meet the needs of our customers.

  • Pneumatic drive bellows pumps

Ultra-clean specification with strong proven track record in semiconductor manufacturing process. Indigenously developed bellows pumps have long life, and they also reduce the downtime. Durability of bellows pumps that form the core, has already been proven by their robust sales record over more than 20 years. All wetted parts use fluoroplastic, and they can handle chemicals used in semiconductor applications such as acids, alkalis, and excess water. External surface of pumps is coated with fluoroplastic so that no metal part is exposed.

  • Rotary displacement pumps

Rotary displacement pumps with distinct construction for transferring viscous liquids and slurries. World’s first chemical gear pumps equipped with fine ceramic gears, hose pumps capable of transferring solid substances, tube pumps for multipurpose use from research laboratories to general industrial use, and sanitary type rotary pumps. Iwaki pump is working on various technical innovations of pumps.

  • Air pumps

Backed by superior technical development and know-how that is built on long time experience; Iwaki pump offers a wide array of pumps with a proven track record that have been tried-and tested. These pumps are available in a wide variety; starting with ultra-compact models for medical and analytical devices to vacuum pumps for general industrial use, these pumps continue to support the diverse needs of our customers.

System Products Line Up

  • Water quality control

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ITT neo dyn Industrial Switches

ITT-Neo Dyn Industrial Switches

ITT Neo-Dyn® is a leading manufacturer of high quality and reliable industrial switches. Our compact adjustable switches, pressure switches, hazardous area switches, vacuum switches, and temperature switches  support a variety of applications throughout the world. Our legacy of competitively priced products and on time delivery, guarantee that you have the proven performance in the product that you need to support your specific requirements when you need it most. With a strong focus in the aerospace,  general industrial, energy and chemical markets, we are your first choice for all of your switch product needs.

Neo Dyn 100P-200P Pressure switch
Neo Dyn 100P-200P Pressure switch

Neo Dyn Industrial Switches Product Below as:

  • Pressure Switch

Pressure industrial switches are designed to monitor pressure and provide an output when a set pressure is reached. They are used for a variety of hydraulic and industrial applications, but they all have one thing in common: it is imperative that they work properly for your safety. With our experience and quality of service, you can trust that our pressure switches will meet and exceed your needs.

  • Vacuum Switch
    • 142P NEMA 4 & 13 Ultra Low Vacuum Switches
    • 180P NEMA 4 & 13 Vacuum Pressure Switch/Internal Adjustment
    • 182P NEMA 4X, 7, 9 & 13 Vacuum Switch/Tamper Resistant
  • Differential Switch
  • Temperature Switch
    • 100T NEMA 4 & 13 Temperature Industrial Switches
    • 100TC NEMA 4 & 13 Temperature Switch/Internal Adjustment
    • 132T NEMA 4 & 13 Industrial Temperature Switches
  • Sanitary Switch
    • 117P NEMA 7 & 9 Sanitary Switches

This field adjustable, compact pressure switch is intended for low- to mid-range process applications. The Tri-Clamp® compatible, polished, process connection makes this switch ideal for food, beverage and other sanitary services. Set point stability and vi…

  • Accessories
  • Search Products
  • Obsolete Switch




Oetiker The World’s First Ear Clamp

Oetiker is a family-owned business founded in 1942 in Horgen, Switzerland by Mr. Hans Oetiker – who invented the world’s first ear clamp. We develop and produce billions of connecting solutions every year and are driven by the values that have underpinned our success for over 75 years.

Our team of experts strive to provide customer peace of mind to ensure the reliable performance of mission-critical applications by responding with agility and commitment.

With over 75 years of global experience, we design, test and deliver reliable connections daily that are simpler, smarter and stronger than ever before. We help our customers to drive innovation in motion.

  • Assembly Solutions
  • Global Customer Services

Oetiker Connecting Solution :

  • Clamps & Rings

As the original inventor of the ear clamp and the global leader in connecting technologies – Oetiker’s clamps and rings are made with quality that you can rely on.

  • Heavy Duty Straps

Our Heavy Duty Straps are available in a large variety of standardized and custom band materials and components.

  • Quick Connectors

Our quick connectors are reliable, compact, high performing sealing solutions with tool-free assembly.

Another Article:

The Oetiker Group provides best-suited connecting technology solutions matching global trends and customer requirements within Passenger Vehicles, such as Passenger Cars, 2 & 3 Wheelers, Light Commercial Vehicles and All-terrain Vehicles. The Oetiker Group offers experience and understanding in connecting technologies for high-value Industrial Application fields such as House & Garden and Medical.

  • Food and Beverages
  • Home Appliances
  • House and Garden
  • Medical

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OELTECHNIK logistical system and spare parts

OELTECHNIK Logistical System and Spare Parts

OELTECHNIK mbH has been established from the beginning at Waghäusel in Baden Württemberg, Germany, and employs currently around 250 employees. The production facilities are equipped with the most modern technology on an area of more than 15.000 square meters at Waghäusel.

High product quality and reliability supplemented by experiences for many years characterise the efficient project management of OELTECHNIK. Our employees in administration, sales or service department are happy to be at our customer’s disposal any time.

The expansion of our products and services combined with extensive customer satisfaction represent the mission statement of the company. For it we use our own resources:

  • outstanding capacities in technology and engineering
  • comprehensive knowledge and experiences for many years
  • high demands and standards to achieve high product quality
  • experiences in project management

OELTECHNIK is a competent partner for

  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Powerplant
  • Gas industry
  • industrial steelwork

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The most important element of the product range is the heat transfer apparatus. In this, heat transfer of running fluids, gases or vapours is made possible in the direction of the temperature drop.

In addition to these individual units, OELTECHNIK also supplies complete oil supply and condensation units. Finally, the production program also includes various industrial filter units and pressure vessels for various applications.

The main product range consists of solutions that optimal fit to the customers` requirements. Therefore OELTECHNIK tends to productivity, efficiency and long product life of the aggregates, components and units for our customers in order to achieve long lasting business relations.

The production facilities are equipped with the most modern technology and enable the manufacture of single pieces weighing up to 100 tonnes and with a diameter up to about 4 meters. The well-proven logistical system and spare parts service guarantees a high degree of operational readiness for all OELTECHNIK products throughout the world.

These are OELTECHNIK main products:

  • Oil consoles
  • Element coolers
  • Shell & tube heat exchanger
  • Condensers
  • Air coolers

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Niton UK

Niton UK XRF and LIBS Analysers

Niton UK XRF and LIBS Analysers is the market leader for handheld XRF instruments. This leadership encompasses not only the number of instruments sold and market share but also significant market experience and expertise in the handheld XRF product range. The company represents the Thermo Scientific Niton XRF products manufactured in the USA, although the UK business is independent and not a subsidiary.

Thermo Scientific Niton products are very well respected for their quality, both in terms of their operation and their durability. The range is constantly being developed with new models being introduced, many of which have won innovation and design awards in recent years.

Niton UK is unique in being the only ISO registered company supplying such products. Therefore, customers can be confident in the quality of service and the consistency of support provided.

The business is also unique in having the only UK based service facility dedicated for handheld XRF instruments, so giving excellent turnaround times, competitive products having to be sent away for repair or re-calibration. To assist customers still further, the Company offers a preventative maintenance contract, which includes the loan of instruments, wherever possible, to assist clients while their own is in for repair or servicing.

In 2002 Niton LLC, based in Boston USA, introduced the world’s first ever handheld XRF instrument with a miniature X-ray tube source for alloy and environmental applications. Following its launch in the UK, Niton UK have recently sold the 1000th analyser and is now the # 1 supplier of portable XRF analysers in the UK.

NITON hand held XRF analysers provide users with rapid, reliable, non-destructive, on-site sample analysis. They are used for identification and analysis of metal alloys; compliance testing for RoHS, WEEE and ELV regulations; mineral exploration and mining; environmental site assessment, monitoring and clearance testing; lead-based paint testing; catalyst recycling; coating thickness testing; forensic analysis; and many other applications. Niton UK is committed to providing the highest performance, easiest to use, most economical handheld analysers in the world and to giving our customers tools that help them work more productively than ever before.

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Niton UK XRF and LIBS Analysers Product

  • Niton XL2 Handheld XRF Analyser
  • Niton Xl3 Handheld Xrf Analyser
  • Niton XL5 Plus Handheld XRF Analyser
  • Niton DXL XRF Countertop Analyser
  • Niton Apollo Libs Analyser
  • Microphazir PC Handheld Plastics Analyser
  • Microphazir as Handheld Asbestos Analyser
  • Ionicx Portable XRF Analyser

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