Digital Flow DGTT-015S Turbine Flow Meter

Digital Flow Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of fuel dispenser, flow meters and flow control counters. They are working hard to provide high quality products through constant investment and R&D since its establishment in 2009.

Digital Flow Co., Ltd. provides high quality products on the basis of rich experiences and know-hows in the engineering and the manufacturing of various types of flow meters, counters and sensors. With trustworthiness as the backbone of our corporate activities, they are determined to build Digital Flow as a reliable partner that always works hard.

Digital Flow DGTT-015S Turbine Flow Meter
Digital Flow DGTT-015S Turbine Flow Meter

DGTT-015S is a turbine flow meter product that provided by Digital Flow Co., Ltd.


Item Model: DGTT-015S
(standard installation position)
±0.5% RS
Maximum working pressure 500Kg/㎠
Fluid &Ambient temperature -40 to 80°C
Flow-rate range 400 – 5,000L/H
Pulse unit 0.00277L/P (361 P/L)
Power voltage 3 – 24V DC
Output signal NPN Open Collector
Connection PT3/4(External tdread)
Main materials Rotor: polyamide+ferrite
Casing: 304 stainless steel
Shaft: 304 stainless steel

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