PD Flow Meter

PD Flow Meter

Positive Displacement Flow Meter

FLSTRONIC FOG Positive Displacement Flow Meters are kind of oval gear flow meters which are highly competitive meters in which industries are suitable for a viscous fluid, as Gasoline, Kerosene, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Chemical fluid. (Highest viscosity: 1000 CP).

Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Product Features

  • High Temperature.
  • Compact & lightweight.
  • Easy to read LCD digital display.
  • Excellent LCD Back-light, Self-test with lamp.
  • Specific Gravity Compensation.
  • Display: Flow Rate (LPM, GPM, ㎥/h)2 Totalizer (1 Resettable Total, Lock Totalizers).
  • A wide totalizer range: 99,999,999 x 1000 (Liter or Gallons).
  • Wide K-factor range: 0.0001 to 99.9999.
  • Pulse Output(0.01 to 1000 liter/ 1 pulse)
  • Resettable totalizer: 999,999 (Liter or Gallon).
  • Battery Life: 5 years.
  • NPD or PNP pulse output, Batch Control.

General Specifications

Accuracy ± 0.5%
Meter Size 1/8” to 1-1/2” (3~40 mm)
Material FC20, SUS 304,316, Aluminum
Temperature 100℃, 180℃
Pressure 10 Mpa, 20 Mpa
Output NPN, PNP Open Collector
Current output 4-20mA (2 or 3 wire)
RS485 Interface
Power Supply Lithium Battery, DC 24V, AC 230V
Connection Thread – NPT, ISO, BSP Flange – DIN, ANSI, JIS, KS

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