CalFlo™ CFAF Flocorp

CalFlo™ CFAF Flocorp

Accurate measurement in air conditioning, dust collection, ventilation, energy consumption, potable/non-potable water, acid, oil, gas, and other applications can be accomplished by CalFlo calorimetric flow meters. These meters are easy to install and their high-quality construction will withstand industrial use.

CalFlo™ CFAF Flocorp
CalFlo™ CFAF Flocorp

CalFlo™ CFAF Flocorp | Thermal Mass Air Flow Meter

This industrial purpose flow meter is a great choice for monitoring a diverse range of air or gaseous applications. The CalFlo™ CFAF is encapsulated in epoxy resin and operates with NO moving parts. The CFAF provides a wide measurement range up to 164 fps and is available in five different units to ensure the best signal resolution. Typical applications include air conditioning, dust collection systems, ventilation monitoring, and energy conservation systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact airflow meter with rugged Stainless Steel construction or plastic Ultradur
  • High accuracy with NO moving parts
  • Provides 4-20 mA measurement
  • Continually adjustable measurement range
  • Sensor for all measurement and control applications
  • Easy to install





Measurement Range Adjustment

The measurement range of the air flow meter is adjustable with a small screwwdriver (included) turning a potentiometer. A green

LED signalizes operation within the adjustable measurement range.

If flow exceeds the measurement

range LED turns off.

Service Compatible Gasses


Measuring Range

CFAF-_-01: 0.25 to 32 fps (10 mps)

CFAF-_-02: 0.25 to 65 fps (20 mps)

CFAF-_-03: 0.25 to 98 fps (30 mps)

CFAF-_-04: 0.25 to 131 fps (40 mps)

CFAF-_-05: 0.25 to 164 fps (50 mps)

Adjustment Characteristic  

Logarithmic to Flow Speed

Process Temperature F: -4º to 160º

C: -20º to 70º

Pressure CFAF-U: 15 psi (1 bar)

CFAF-S: 150 psi (10 bar)

Ambienet Temperature F: -40º to 160º C: -20º to 70º
Accuracy < 3%
Enclosure Rating NEMA 4 (IP64)
Repeatability <1%
Housing Material Ultradur (PBTP) or Stainless Steel
Temperature Drift < 0.3% / K
Sensor Material Ceramic with Over Glaze
Supply Voltage 24 VDC ± 30%


CFAF-U: 0.3 lbs (130 g)

CFAF-S: 0.4 lbs (200 g) without nut

Consumptions 1.3W max.
Output 4-20 mA
Resistive Load 0-500 Ohm
Cable Jacket Material Oilflex
Cable Length 6.5’ (2m)


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