Sakagami Pneumatic Seal Packings

Sakagami Pneumatic Seal Packings

Sakagami Pneumatic Seal Packings With genuineness in each, Sakagami’s products have been highly evaluated in grade in all fields as well as car and hydraulic industries. Back to the theme, “coping with needs of the era and enduring customers’ strict selection”, Sakagami has focused on supreme technique, resulting in manufacturing various outcome.

Sakagami Pneumatic Seal Packings Product :

1. PGY-Packings (Piston Packings) & PNY-Packings (Rod Packings)

Sakagami Pneumatic Seals PGY-Packings (Piston Packings)
PGY-Packings (Piston Packings)
Sakagami Pneumatic Seals PNY-Packings (Rod Packings)
PNY-Packings (Rod Packings)







Improved wear resistant packings are PGY piston packings & PNY rod packings. Stable sealing performance is obtainable in lubricated, non-lubricated and dry air systems.

Download: PGY-Packing | PNY-Packings

2. GLY-Packings (Piston & Rod Packings)

Sakagami Pneumatic Seals GLY-Packing

GLY-packings are applicable to pneumatic pistons & rods in non-lubricated air supply systems, while inapplicable to lubricated cylinders.

Download: GLY-Packing

3. PPD-Packings (Piston Packings)

Sakagami Pneumatic Seals PPD-Packings

PPD-packings are double acting piston packings compatible with the grooves for the PSD-packings. Sealing performance of PPD-packings sustains unchanged despite of large eccentric movement of the pistons. Moderate durability and fair friction characteristics.

Download: PPD-Packings

4. PSD-Packings (Piston Packings)

Sakagami Pneumatic Seals PSD-Packings

PSD-packings are the world best selling double acting pneumatic piston packings. The profile of the PSD-packings is compact and designed to provide outstanding friction properties. Unlike O-rings, PSD- packings resist twisting or rolling.

Download: PSD-Packings

5. PDU-Packings (Rod packings)


PDU-packings, the one-piece packing & wiper, allow compacter cylinder designs.

Download: PDU-Packing

6. Mini Y-Packings MYA.MYN.MYH (Piston & Rod Packings)

Mini Y-Packings MYA.MYN.MYH
Mini Y-Packings MYA.MYN.MYH

Packings for small-gauge pneumatic applications. MYA packings feature low friction applicable to small-gauge cylinders. MYN packings are extra low friction, even lower than MYA packings, suitable for solenoid valves. MYH packings are applicable to high temperature applications. Mini-Y packings are compatible with the grooves for O-rings specified by JIS B2401 P-line.

Download: MINI Y-Packings

7. MYP-Packings (Piston Packings)


MYP-packings are applicable to small diameter pistons. Likewise Mini Y Packings, they are compatible with the grooves for O-rings specified by JIS B2401 P-line. By adopting the slit structure of the lip part, MYP-packings regulate back pressure and avoid incorrect installation. High wear resistant properties and stable performance are achievable.

Download: MYP-Packing

8. MYR-Packings (Rod packings)


MYR-packings are applicable to small diameter rods. Likewise Mini Y Packings, they are compatible with the grooves for O-rings specified by JIS B2401 P-line. By adopting an improved wear resistant material, they provide durable and stable sealing performance despite of the small cross sectional size.

Download: MYR-Packing

9. PPY-Packings (Piston Packings) & PRY-Packings (Rod packings)





Improved wear resistant PPY piston packings & PRY rod packings are applicable to miniature cylinders. Greater abrasion resistance with superior friction properties is obtainable comparing with O-rings.

Download: PPY-Packing | PRY-Packing

10. Grid-Surface Gaskets (Rubber Sheet Gaskets)

Sakagami Grid-Surface Gaskets
Grid-Surface Gaskets

Unique and deep grid pattern of Grid-Surface Gaskets minimizes protrusion of the gasket sheet when squeezed in the assembly process offering optimum sealing performance.

Download : Grid-Surface Gaskets