Kracht DT 5 Duo Tec Series – Gear Pump

Kracht DT 5 Duo Tec Series – Gear Pump, DuroTec® Gear Pumps DT 5 for abrasive and poor lubricating fluids. In the year 1990, KRACHT initiated the development of Gear Pumps for abrasive and poor lubricating fluids.

Since then, this development has been subsequently improved. The gear (gear wheel and shafts) is surrounded by SIC sleeve bearing. The gear is high-rigid protected against wear, taken the requirements regarding material, heat treatment, surface geometry into consideration when using this coating technology. Highest demands have been fulfilled by our own manufacturing quality and the involved coating specialists.

The limit of applications of Gear Pumps has been reached when the transfer medium does not have the required lubricity for a proper function of the pump and a high operating pressure is needed at the same time. Such problematic fluids are for example silicates (sodium silicate), isocyanates and polyols with hard fillers as can be found in the PUR-technology. Under air or humidity influence, crystallisation of these fluids occurs and agrivates the lack of lubricity.

Duo Tec – Gear Pump DT 5 Series Application:

The main field of application for the new DuroTec® Gear Pumps DT 5 are mainly multicomponent-systems in the PUR-technology. Everywhere where standards Gear Pumps do not reach a satisfying lifetime, e.g. where polyols with hard fillers have to be handled, this Gear Pump offers a reliable alternative

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Kracht DT 5 Specification:


Housing EN-GJL-300 (GG 30)
Flange cover EN-GJL-300 (GG 30)
Gearing Steel, hard material coated
Sliding plates Steel, nitrated
Bearing Sleeve bearing SIC
Shaft sealing Mechanical seal with Quench chamber incl. Quench tank


Geometrical displacement Vg 150, 200, 250 cm3/r
Mounting position horizontal
Fixing type Flange (SAE-C-2-hole flange)
Inlet port SAE 21⁄2″ flange
Outlet port SAE 2″ flange
Max. operating pressure 100 bar
Max. inlet pressure 20 bar
Viscosity mm2/s 13 up to 50 000
(higher viscosities on request)
Fluid temperature max. 150 °C
Ambient temperature ϑu min = – 20°C
ϑu max = 60 °C
Shaft end Cylindrical shaft Ø 32 mm

Download Data Sheet: Duo Tec – Gear Pump DT 5 Series


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