Eska ERG-H5 Series Gas Pressure Regulator

Eska ERG-H5 Series Gas pressure regulator which is used on gas line to reduce inlet pressure to desired outlet pressure. ERG-H5 series pressure regulators are suitable for commercial usage like Gas Skids where the maximum inlet pressure up to 20 bar and outlet pressure up to 2,5 bar. It is mainly used in Distribution of Natural Gas and also suitable to use with non-corrosive gases. ERG-H5 is a single stage direct acting regulator with a optional security systems such as relief valve UPSO and OPSO.

Relief System

Regulator can be produced with a relief valve. Relief valve monitors outlet pressure continuously and when it detects pressure level higher than regulator’s nominal outlet pressure, it activates and discharges gas to the atmosphere. Relief valve has limited discharge capacity. Usually calibration point is lower than OPSO system. Under certain conditions such as gas expansion during hot weather seasons, Relief Valve is activated before OPSO closes the gas lines. It prevents random shut-off regarding pressure increase on outlet side. Relief valve can be recalibrated by using proper tools.

Over Pressure Shut-Off System

OPSO system is very useful during major breakdown situations and keeps the customer side safe. System works as a security valve and activates itself when the outlet pressure passes OPSO calibration point. OPSO system cuts the gas off, and manual reset is needed to activate the regulator again. System has an independent shut-off mechanism and orifice and it monitors outlet pressure changes continuously, so activation time is below 2 seconds.

Eska ERG-H5 Series Features

  • For medium and high pressure domestic or industrial second group gas lines.
  • Max inlet pressure 1 to 20 bar.
  • Max outlet pressure LPO : 15 to 100 mbar MPO : 100 to 300 mbar HPO : 300 to 2,5 bar
  • Optional filter on inlet.
  • Outlet pressure tolerance is ±%5-10 (AC5 & AC10)
  • Lock up pressure tolerance is max +%30 (SG30,SG10 and SG20 is possible also)
  • Can be integrated with Relief valve & UPSO & OPSO
  • Temperature class as a standard -20 to +60 Centigrade Degree. Low temperature series has ability to work under as low as -40 Centigrade Degree.
  • Flow direction inline

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Eska ERG-H5 Series Specification

Medium Natural Gas, LPG and Non-Corrosive Gases
Operating Temperature -20… + 60°C (optional : -40… +60°C)
Assembly Vertical and Horizontal Position
Maximum Inlet Pressure 6 bar (Optional 10 bar, 20 bar)
Outlet Pressure Range 15 mbar to 2,5 bar
Conforming 2014/68/EU
Filter As a standard 100 micron pore diameter.

Download Data Sheet: ERG-H5 Direct Acting Gas Pressure Regulator


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