Matsushima Emergency Stop Switch “PULLSTOP” Wire-Rope Type

Matsushima Pullstop Switch is a switch that is used to stop a conveyor line or similar long-distance transport line by pulling on the conveyor’s wire rope. The switch also stops the transport line when the wire rope becomes slack or breaks. With an emergency stop pushbutton equipped on the main unit as a standard feature, this device can easily stop transport machinery even without pulling the wire rope

Matsushima Pullstop Switch Features

  • High reliability in compliance with European and international safety standards ( Compliant with EN 418, ISO 13850, and JIS B9703).
  • Provided With an IP67 enclosure.
  • The required number of devices can be reduced as this device can detect the pulled movement of the wire rope in both leftward and rightward directions.
  • The Operations lever locks upon detection of the pulled movement of the wire rope, which allows the operator to confirm safety before restoring the transport line to operation.

Principle of Operation

A pull on the wire rope, which is fixed to the operation lever, causes the operation lever to be locked at a position 25 degrees from the upright position, which triggers the emergency stop signal output. Pressing down on the reset lever will bring the operation lever back to the upright position, and will release the lock.

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When the emergency stop operation is activated by detection, the emergency stop status will be retained until the lock is manually released. ( The emergency stops pushbutton operation in the same manner.)

Principle Operation Of Matsushima PULLSTOPS

Matsushima Pullstop Switch Specification

Model ERTD-50
Enclosure IP67
Operating Force 98N ( with the tension spring)
Allowable temperature -20ºC to 50ºC
Mass Approx. 2.2 kg
Contact Capacity AC-15: 120V/6A, 240V/3A, 380/1.9A
DC-13: 120V/1.1A, 240V/0.55A
Number of contacts DPDTx2 contacts
Coating color Munsell 7.5 GY 6/10


Dimension Of Matsushima PULLSTOPS

Application Example

This Rope Trip Detector can be installed directly in an upper position on a conveyor.

Catalogue : MATSUSHIMA – Wire-rope_type Emergency_Stop_Switch_PULLSTOP

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