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Wiratama Mitra Abadi is an experienced flow meter distributor company in Indonesia. That was established in 2004 as a distributor of Instrumentation, Mechanic, and Automation tools in an integrated manner. Our main goal is to establish ourselves as a key player in the flow measurement technology in Indonesia. We have long experience in providing services to many types of industrial sectors. Such as automotive factories, food, and beverages, oil palm, and gas. Also for other sectors such as sewage treatment, water treatment plants, petrochemicals, general industries, etc

Wiratama Mitra Abadi started with retail products for various manufacturing companies that finally in trust by some famous brands. From abroad brands as resellers, agents, and distributors for the territory of Indonesia. And as time goes by, now we have made affiliation with several International manufacturers from Europe and Asia. Such as Rheonik, Seametrics, Jain Technology, VSE.flow, Sitelab, Kofloc, Grand, Honda Electronic, Shanceng, Mecon, and Siargao Mass Flow Meter. Our specialty is on flow meter, Level sensor, Pressure sensor, and Temperature sensor. Their supporting components such as the level switch, HMI, Recorders, and control.


Our strength in research & development team and indigenous workshop have made us a formidable player in customized instrumentation. Supported by experienced and skilled employees that deliver the highest standards in after-sales-service.

Knowledge and competence are the values that our employees are highly appreciating. It is proven by the education level and experience of our employees, which continues to grow. We encourage our employees to continuously learn and study by offering them flexible working hours and enrolled for a specialized course.

Our philosophy is to provide the best products and services. By understanding customer needs in the quality of products, price, delivery time and after-sales service. So, in order to achieve that, our activity is focused on client needs and definition of problems. Because only precisely defining the real problem it is possible to find a solution. We believe, that long relationships can only be achieved by providing our customers and suppliers with satisfaction. read more…

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