Azbil Electrical and Automation Control

Azbil Automation Electrical Control strives to utilize its measurement and control technologies to realize safety, comfort, and fulfillment in people’s lives while contributing to the global environment.

General Information

The Group’s Business Automation business, which is centered on offices and large buildings, and Advanced Automation business, which provides solutions for factories and plants, serve customers around the globe. Additionally, in Japan, the Group’s Life Automation business focuses on markets closely connected with people’s lives, such as lifelines and health.

In each field, the Group pursues its business with an integrated structure that combines everything from planning and development to marketing and maintenance and is capable of responding rapidly to customer needs.

This makes it possible to incorporate on-site feedback into solutions swiftly and confidently, enhancing on-site technologies and service capabilities, and ensuring cost reductions through greater efficiency. As a true solution partner – delivering comfort, safety, and energy savings in an optimum form – the  Azbil Electrical and Automation Control strives to provide dependable product development that reflects market needs, while also improving service.

Azbil Automation Electrical Control Product as below :

Products and Services for Building Automation

Building Management System

  • savic-net™G5 Building Management System
  • savic-net™FX Building Management System
  • savic-net™FXmini Building Management System

Direct Digital Controllers

  • General Controller
  • FCU Controller
  • Advanced Controller for Chiller/Pump Unit
  • Advanced Remote I/O Module
  • Infilex™GC Multipurpose Controller
  • Infilex™BC Multipurpose Controller
  • Infilex™AC Air Handling Unit AHU Controller
  • Infilex™ZM Zone Manager
  • Infilex™VC VAV Variable Air Volume Controller with Damper Actuator
  • Infilex™FC Fan Coil Unit Controller
  • C-DGP Compact Data Gathering Panel
  • PARAMATRIX™4 Multiple Chiller/Pump System Controller
  • Operator Panel for Infilex™AC / Infilex GC / Infilex GD


  • Neosensor Room Temperature/Humidity Sensor
  • Ceiling-Mounted Temperature Sensor(Round Type)
  • Ceiling Mounted Sensor
  • Duct Temperature/Humidity Sensor
  • Durable Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Pipe Temperature Sensor
  • Radiant Temperature Sensor
  • Duct CO2 Sensor
  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter
  • High Accuracy Differential Pressure Transmitter
  • Calculation Unit
  • Neustadt Room Thermostat/Room Humidistat
  • Single Loop Controller

Valves and Actuators

  • ACTIVAL™ Motorized Two-Way Valve with Flanged-End Connection
  • ACTIVAL™ Motorized Two-Way Valve with Flanged-End Connection (Spring Return Type Actuator)
  • ACTIVAL™ Motorized Two-Way Valve with Flanged-End Connection for High Differential Pressure Application
  • ACTIVAL™ Motorized Two-way Ball Valve with Threaded-end Connection
  • ACTIVAL™ Motorized Three-Way Valve with Flanged-End Connection
  • Direct Coupled Damper Actuator

User Terminals

  • Neoprene Digital User Terminal for Infilex™ Series Controller
  • User Terminal Neoplate

Products and Services for Factories and Plants

Industrial Automation Control and Monitoring Systems and Software

Azbil automation electrical control support the PDCA cycle in plant and factory operations such as in industrial automation control and monitoring systems that achieve safe and stable high-value-added production, management of such system operations, and improvements for more sophisticated operation.

Pressure Transmitters

Azbil Automation Electrical Control provide various types of pressure transmitters that were developed using the latest technologies based on our long amassed performance record.

Flow Meters

Azbil Automation Electrical Control proposes five types of flowmeters (five measurement principles) that meet customer needs such as simpler maintenance and energy-saving.

Level Transmitters

These level transmitters with macro processors drastically boost and sustain customer productivity by utilizing amassed past data along with providing excellent repeatability and stability.

Temperature Transmitters/ Thermal Sensors/ Humidity Sensors

We provide temperature transmitters, thermal sensors, and humidity sensors that continuously meet customer needs by utilizing our amassed experience gained at production sites.


Azbil Automation Electrical Control offer various analyzers ideal for analyzing natural gas and measuring its heat quantity. Our analyzers can be used to analyze components and check the combustion efficiency of gas turbines, engines, and furnaces.


Communication tools that can both set and adjust smart devices as well as save and manage their data settings as electronic files.

Control Valves and Actuators

Products with highly reliable control valves and cutting-edge smart valve positioners as their key components to continuously meet needs arising from diverse and wide-ranging business sectors.

Controllers (Temperature Controllers) / Recorders / Communication Gateways

We provide a diverse range of products from controllers to recorders focusing on measurement and control.

Combustion Safety and Control Systems

Drawing upon our reliable technology and extensive experience, we provide all-inclusive support for control of burners and other combustion equipment, construct optimal combustion safety and control systems, and supply the required equipment.

Switches and Sensors

We offer a wide variety of switches and sensors that continuously meet a diverse range of needs. These include photoelectric switches, proximity switches, limit switches, and seismic sensors.

Diagnosis of Factory and Plant Equipment

Highly sensitive detection of ultrasonic sound emitted by gas leaks or equipment malfunctions, contributing to energy conservation, reduction of CO2 emissions, protection of the environment, and safety. Discontinued products for factories and plants

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