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About Xylem Analytical Instrumentation

Xylem Analytical Instrumentation is a global team unified by a common purpose: creating advanced technology solutions to the world’s water challenges. Developing new technologies that will improve the way water is used, conserved, and re-used in the future is central to our work. Their products and services move, treat, analyze, monitor, and return water to the environment, in public utility, industrial, residential and commercial building services settings.

Xylem also provides a leading portfolio of smart metering, network technologies, and advanced analytics solutions for water, electric, and gas utilities. In more than 150 countries, we have strong, long-standing relationships with customers who know us for our powerful combination of leading product brands and applications expertise with a strong focus on developing comprehensive, sustainable solutions.

The Products of Xylem Analytical Instrumentation

The demand for monitoring waterflow is increasing. Climate change and water scarcity issues have increased the demand to quantify increasingly smaller flows from a wider array of environments. Xylem Analytics Norway has a range of instruments from ADCP’s through to magflow meters, for continuous flow monitoring or instantaneous sampling.

Open Channel Flow Meter

SonTek-IQ Series

Ideal for monitoring flows in canals, culverts, pipes, and natural streams, the SonTek-IQ starts with a custom flow algorithm derived from hundreds of field measurements. Four velocity beams profile water velocity in 3-D – both vertically and horizontally – ensuring complete coverage of the velocity field. The built-in pressure sensor and vertical acoustic beam work in tandem to measure the water level. Simply input the channel geometry using the intuitive SonTek-IQ software and you are outputting flow data in minutes.

Xylem flow level Instrumentation
Xylem flow level Instrumentation

Capable of working both in man-made as well as natural channels, the SonTek-IQ can collect flow (area-velocity) and volume data in as little as 8 cm (3 in) of water. Its five-beam pulsed Doppler design is Modbus, SDI-12, RS232, and Analog ready. Even better news – the SonTek-IQ installs with limited or no earthworks. With the SonTek-IQ, expect to get quality data for quality decision-making.

  • Self-contained all-in-one design
  • Proprietary flow algorithms for irrigation canals, natural streams, and pipes
  • Uses SonTek’s exclusive SmartPulseHD adaptive sampling
  • Self-calibrating water level using vertical acoustic beam and pressure
  • The standard package includes the SonTek-IQ, IQ software, easy mounting hardware, cable, adaptor, and power supply

The SonTek-IQ Standard, the SonTek-IQ Plus, and SonTek-IQ Pipe all operate at 3 MHz. The Standard model works in depths up to 1.5 m (5 ft), while the Plus and Pipe model are ideal for water depths up to 5m (16 ft). The SonTek-IQ Plus/Pipe also incorporates advanced post-processing functions, providing deeper insight into your flow and volume data. All models use SonTek’s proprietary algorithm SmartPulseHD.

SonTek-SL Series

NEW SL1500/3000 3G MODELS! The SonTek-SL has two new (3G) models turbo-charged by our proprietary SmartPulseHD®, the featured accessories, mounting options, software, and a variety of integration formats ensure it fits your application.

Xylem Analytical Instrumentation
Xylem Analytical Instrumentation

Designed specifically for side mounting on bridges, canal walls, or riverbanks, the SL’s SLEEK, low-profile housing makes installation easy. With three models to choose from, the SL can be used in channels as small as you can jump across to rivers as wide as the Amazon. Ultra narrow beam widths combined with unmatched side lobe suppression provide the SUPERIOR acoustic directivity necessary for achieving maximum horizontal range free of interference from surface or bottom boundaries.

First-time users can collect test data within minutes of receiving the SonTek-SL. Deployments require only a few minutes to configure the SL and start collecting data. This system provides the highest quality Doppler velocity data without requiring the user to become an expert on Doppler technology.


  • Water Velocity and Level: Water velocity, level, flow, and total volume-multiple parameters from one easy-to-use instrument. The acoustic Doppler profile of velocity data and acoustic water level offer the most accurate, reliable measurements.
  • SmartPulseHD®*: An intelligent algorithm that looks at water depth, profiling range, velocity, and turbulence, and then acoustically adapts to those conditions using pulse-coherent, broadband, and incoherent techniques.  Best data possible under any condition.  High-def cell sizes down to 4 cm.
  • Compact, Hydrodynamic Design: Incredibly lightweight and easy to transport and mount.  Slim shape is easy to maintain, stays clean, increases available sample area, and fits into more places.
  • Water Velocity Profiling: Customizeable, flexible setup options to suit a variety of applications. 3G models offer 128 cells for high-resolution and detailed profiles.
  • Acoustic-Pressure “Duo” Water Level (3G models only): Not only redundant sources of water level, the acoustic vertical beam and pressure sensor continually self-check, and pressure data are auto-corrected to keep atmospheric offset negligible.
  • Versatile, Easy Mounting:  Easy-access side mounting reduces concerns over personnel safety, lowers operational costs by avoiding divers and boats, avoids interruption in facility operations, and avoids interruption in data and water delivery to clients and stakeholders.
  • Wave Spectra Option: Integrated pressure sensor calculates and outputs wave height and period, in real-time.

MJK 713 Open Channel Flowmeter

MJK 713 Open Channel Flow Measurement and Registration of water Flow is a converter adaptable to many types of weirs and open channels. The built-in ISO 1438 formulas for flow calculations are preprogrammed with the most common flumes and weirs such as Parshall, Venturi, Palmer-Bowles flumes, and V-notch and rectangular weirs.

Xylem Analytical Instrumentation
Xylem Analytical MJK 713 Open Channel Flowmeter

Also to be used with non-standard channels and weirs, often installed at wastewater plants and stormflow locations. 713 Open Channel Flowmeter is primarily used for measuring flow outlets from wastewater treatment plants. The flow is calculated upon the water level, provided by either an ultrasonic or hydrostatic level transmitter.

  • Built-in ISO 1438 formulas will provide the most common formulas, but it is possible to calculate flow from simple formulas and level/flow linearization as well.
  • Built-in totalizer with non-resettable counter, and short-term flow overview.
  • Easy to use and set up due to symbolic navigation buttons and multiple display languages.

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

MJK MagFlux Flowmeters

MagFlux® Flowmeters are developed for measurements in all types of conductive liquids, including measurement of flow in drinking water, wastewater, sludge, and process water. MagFlux Flowmeters are manufactured with carbon steel and stainless steel for flange or wafer connections and lining in hard or soft rubber and PTFE/PFA.

  • MagFlux® Flowmeters are designed with the latest microprocessor technology to ensure accurate measurements.
  • The Display is unique in its design in that it can be mounted in three different ways: locally on the sensor, remotely on a wall, or mounted in a panel door. Furthermore, a single Display can operate up to 4 Flow Converters and Sensors.
    MagFlux® Flowmeter has a very user-friendly menu structure with all instructions in clear text – no symbols or codes are used.
  • MagFlux® Flowmeters, Converters, and Displays are supplied with a technically advanced enclosure made of glass-reinforced polycarbonate giving maximum protection against harsh industrial environments.
  • MID Certified sensors from DN 25 to 400
Xylem Analitycal MJK MagFlux Flowmeters
Xylem Analitycal MJK MagFlux Flowmeters

Advantages of using MagFlux® Flowmeters

  • 0.25% accuracy
  • Velocity range from 0.2 – 10 m/s / 0.6 – 30 ft./s
  • DN15 to DN1400 / ½” to 54″
  • Remote display up to 1,000 m from the sensor
  • IP67 or IP68 / NEMA 4, NEMA 6P
  • Selectable flow direction
  • Built-in data logger with graph
  • Network capable

MJK MagFlux Q Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The MJK MagFlux® Q (8200 series) Electromagnetic Flow Meter, created in ABS plastic, is designed with an optimized construction that secures optimal performance. MagFlux Q provides very stable and highly accurate flow measurements in conductive liquids, especially at low flow velocities.

MJK MagFlux Q Electromagnetic Flow Meter
MJK MagFlux Q Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The MJK MagFlux Q (8200 series) flow measurement was made completely corrosion free. This electromagnetic flow meter is specifically created to match the harsh conditions in for instance saltwater applications. MagFlux Q provides high-precision measurement even with very short build-in lengths.

This is a perfect solution when tracing water loss, measuring conductive fluids with high content of chemicals, salt water, and even heated salt water and wastewater in general, without providing your application any issues on the weight of the construction. With MagFlux Q you can achieve high precision measurement even at 0.1 m/s, and installation of the MagFlux Q in a network with classic MagFlux flowmeters, converters, or displays.

  • The sensor in ABS Plast, no outer parts in metal
  • Very high precision at low flow speed
  • Hastelloy C electrodes
  • High dynamic measuring range with an accuracy of up to 0,25%
  • Works perfectly with classic MagFlux sensors and converters
  • Low weight
  • Ideal for seawater applications, e.g. aquaculture

Source : www.xylem-analytics.no

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