Mechanical Seal

Mechanical Seal Merupakan perangkat yang membantu menggabungkan sistem atau mekanisme dengan mencegah kebocoran (misalnya dalam sistem pemompaan), yang mengandung tekanan, atau tidak termasuk kontaminasi.

Hengstler Mains Isolation Relay Type RY

To ensure that our relays as used in your applications carry on doing their job reliably for years, the quality of products bearing the HENGSTLER name is the highest priority. All our locations are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO… Read More ›

Hengstler High-Voltage Relays Type 509

Hengstler is a leading European manufacturer of industrial components for counting and control applications, such as counters / timers, rotary encoders, industrial and temperature controllers, relays, and printers and cutters. Today‚Äôs automation leaders are seeking solutions that will enable machines… Read More ›