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The KOBOLD Messring GmbH is one of the leading international instrumentation engineering enterprises specializing in monitoring, measuring and regulating the physical quantities of flow through, pressure, level, and temperature.

Kobold Messring GmbH has quickly established itself in the area of pressure monitoring and pressure measurement of plants. Different pressure gauges are used in a wide variety of plants worldwide and are persuading by their reliability and their low measuring tolerances. Pressure gauges can be used both for monitoring the pressure and for pressure-dependent control of plants and processes.

Thanks to modern and functional pressure switches, many processes in the industry can be reliably pressure-controlled and automated. This is not only a means of optimizing the process but in many cases also of safety since an overpressure in the system can be reliably detected and remedied by the pressure measuring devices and pressure switches.

Various pressure gauges and pressure sensors operate with relative pressure, and absolute pressure, as a differential pressure gauges and raise the pressure monitoring to a new level.

Kobold Display, Indicator, and Control

Kobold Flow, Humidity, and Temperature Hand-Held Measuring Unit HND-F

Nearly all measuring tasks for the determination of weight and gas moisture can be performed with the HND-F series KOBOLD hand-held humidity measuring units. Various housing designs make it possible to find the right housing with the appropriate characteristic for every application.

Kobold HND-F Humidity and Temperature are a completely new development and offer decisive advantages in handling, user-friendliness, scope of functions, and accuracy during measuring work.

The KOBOLD HND-F115/215 hand-held measuring unit allows for the measurement of gas humidity and gas temperature or the gas or water flow. Appropriate probes are available for both measuring applications (for more technical details, see subsequent pages). The housing offers extensive functions, a high degree of accuracy, and decisive advantages in operation in order to support the user in determining the various measured quantities.

Monitoring and flow measurement of viscous media, e.g. oils can be equipped with a wide range of measuring principles such as oval wheel flowmeters, gear flowmeters and special variable area flowmeters. They are characterized by a long service life and high efficiency. The increasing demand for measuring devices without mechanically moving parts is met by the development of ultrasonic flowmeters, magnetic inductive flowmeters, and vortex flowmeters.

Kobold DWN Paddle Bellows Flow Monitor :

Kobold DWN Paddle Bellows Flow Monitor DWN works according to the diaphragm plate principle. Baffle/paddle (1) is reflected in the flow direction against the force of the spring (2) by the flowing medium. A stainless steel bellow (3) seals off the system hermetically between the medium and measuring unit/indicator. The motion is transferred positively from the baffle

Kobold FPS Paddle Bellows Flow Monitor

Kobold FPS Paddle Bellows Flow Monitor Flow Monitor FPS operates according to the proven paddle bellows principle. The flowing medium acts on the paddle thus actuating a microswitch. The switching point can be freely adjusted and the device is mated to different nominal pipe sizes by means of the replaceable paddle in conjunction with the additional adjustment features.

The electrical device section is separated hermetically from the process fluid by means of the bellows. The special version of the flow monitor has been specially designed for minimum switching values. See table for switching values. The devices can be installed in any position.

Kobold DFT Rotating Vane Flowmeter

There are several types of DFT, such as: Pulse Output DFT-13, Pulse Output DFT-11, and Rotating Vane Flowmeter/Counter/Dosing Electronics DFT-13.

Kobold DFT Rotating Vane Flow Meter vane technology has proven itself a million times worldwide for measuring and monitoring the flow of different media through piping. KOBOLD flowmeters/monitors work with this proven principle and offer many benefits. The heart of the new KOBOLD vane is an embedded ring magnet; it is hermetically sealed from the flow medium.

It transfers, in a non-contacting manner, the rotary motion of the vane to a Hall sensor attached to the case (in order to save space). This converts the rotary motion to a frequency signal that is proportional to the flow rate. The downstream KOBOLD evaluating electronics can output this signal to a display, convert it to (0(4) -20 mA, 0-10 V) analog signal, or count it. It may also be used to switch up to two limit contacts. The ready and control states of the limit value relay are indicated by LEDs.

The modular design of KOBOLD flow monitors and measuring instruments is a system that can be universally applied; it is reasonably priced; and requires minimum space when in service. Very precise measurement results can be achieved, under tough operating conditions along with the KOBOLD electronics.

Kobold DF-D Dosing Electronic Vane Flowmeter

Kobold DF-D Dosing Electronic Vane Flow Meter changes the frequency signal of the pickup into a 3(4)-digit flow reading with adjustable scale (top line of the display), and a scalable analog signal. The dosage is displayed in the bottom line of the display. The unit of measurement can be selected. Included are two relays with floated output changeover contacts for various functions. The relay (S1) can be used to execute the flow monitoring, total volume monitoring, fine dosage, or pump control.

When the flow is being continuously monitored, it checks if the freely adjustable limits are exceeded or fallen short of. A choice can be made between the threshold value and window monitoring. The switching point, hysteresis window point, and switch-on or switch-off delay can be set as desired. If monitoring of the total volume is selected, a check is made to see if the adjustable quantity limit is exceeded.

The dosage relay (S2) switches on when the dosage process starts, and then switches off again, once the dosage has flowed through. The dosage process can be interrupted by using the Start/Stop switch. By taking a correction quantity into account, it is possible to take any special features or conditions of the system into account. By entering a fine dosage, the bypass valve can be controlled with the relay (S1). A red LED indicates the relay’s switching status.

Kobold DF-K Digital Display Vane Flowmeter

Kobold DF-K Digital Display Vane Flow Meter evaluating electronics outputs the sensor frequency signal to a display and converts it to an analog signal and two limit contacts. The top display line of the double-spaced display shows the flow value with the measuring unit and the bottom line a bar graph indicator proportional to the measuring value.

The two relays with floating output change over contacts continuously monitor the flow values. The switching point,  hysteresis,  a window point, and switch on or off delay can be set separately for each relay. The switching points can also be set directly by using the control keys without having to change them over into the menu. A red LED indicates the switching status.

The analogue output is optionally available as current output with  0(4)… 20 mA or as voltage output with 0 …10 V. A Min./Max. reading memory determines the extreme readings of the flow. If the maximum set flow (exceeded range) is exceeded, it will be shown on the display. The set .parameters can be protected against unauthorised alteration by using a password function. The device is connected with a 10-wire cable.

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