LIEX 710/051 Half Mile Fog Signal For Marine

The LIEX 710/051 Half-Mile Fog Signal For Marine is a compact, lightweight, and reliable sound emitter. Proven in over 40 years of service in the marine environment, the LIEX‐710 horn’s rugged construction and waterproof design make it ideal for mounting on offshore oil platforms and drilling rigs, offshore wind farms, calm buoys and floating production systems (FPSOs).

Key Feature

  • Resonates at approximately 670 Hz
  • Designed at an optimum frequency to maximize range rating for both U. S. Coast Guard and IALA criteria
  • Omnidirectional audio output
  • Microprocessor‐based control electronics
  • Remote control terminals for a fog detector, a remote coder or an “at-will” switch ‐ a fog detector is useful on manned platforms where running the foghorn continuously is a noise irritant; working without human intervention, the foghorn/fog detector automatically activates the foghorn in low visibility when it is required by regulations and prevents it from sounding under all other conditions
  • The power supply includes remote code selector terminals for changing the sounding rhythm and terminals for synchronizing the horn with other horns or lights
  • Synchronizing may also be accomplished by a centralized master coder
  • Terminals are also provided for a 2-hour temporary silence control ‐ this switch allows a technician to temporarily disable the foghorn; after the time out period, foghorn returns to sounding its designated code without the technician having to remember to manually switch the foghorn back on

Physical Specification

LIEX 710-051 Half Mile Fog Signal Drawing


Nominal Range 1/2 Mile
Frequency 670Hz / 660 Hz
Height 667 mm (26 ¼” )
Diameter 302 mm (11 ⅞”)
Weight 32 kg (70 lbs.)
Shipping Weight 45 kg (100 lbs.)
Mounting (4) 11 mm (7/16”) Holes on a 280 mm (11”) B.C.
Housing Marine Grade Cast Aluminum
Input Voltage 10.5‐30 VDC; 120 or 230 VAC (Different Supply Voltages Possible Upon Request)
Input Power to Horn 16 Watts
Output Power to Drivers 9.5 Watts
Operating Temperature ‐25°C to 55°C
Corrosion Protection NEMA‐4X
Ingress Rating IP-66
Certificates FM Approved
NI/I/2/BCD/T4; ‐25 °C ≤Ta ≤+55 °C
NI/I/2/IIB+H2/T4; ‐25 °C ≤Ta ≤+55 °C
ATEX or IECEx Zone 1 & 2 Versions Also Available

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