Flux Flow Meter FMO 101

Flux Flow Meter FMO 101

The flow meter FMO 101 built according to the oval rotor design is suitable for measuring pure, thin to highly viscous media. With the evaluation unit FLUXTRONIC® filling and dosing processes of almost all kinds of fluids can be performed with maximum precision and highest safety.

In automatic mode it is possible to output a signal for control purposes with the evaluation unit and the use of a switching amplifier.  This way e.g. motor and / or magnetic valve and the most different processes can be controlled.

Flow Meter FMO 101
Flow Meter FMO 101

The housing parts of the flow meters FMO form a measuring chamber in which the oval rotors mounted on axes can turn. The fluid flows through the measuring chamber and thus actuates the oval rotors. By the means of a Reed sensor the number of rotations is counted and forwarded as an impulse or passed on to the evaluation unit FLUXTRONIC®. This calculates the flown through quantity of the fluid based on the previously entered, medium-dependent calibrating constant.


  • Oval rotor principle
  • For thin to highly viscous pure media
  • Available with integrated evaluation unit FLUXTRONIC® or as impulse version for the use in piping systems
  • Depending the type for use with drum pumps or eccentric worm-drive pumps
  • High accuracy and repeat accuracy
  • Signal can be forwarded to FLUXTRONIC® or another external control as e.g. PLC
  • Can be used for ex-applications in Zone 1
  • Also available with FOOD and FDA certification


  • Batch operation possible (automatic mode)
  • Very precise dosing possible
  • High resistance
  • Wide range of viscosities can be covered
  • Can also be used for pulsating volume flows
  • Low pressure loss
  • Versions also available for hazardous areas


  • Oils
  • Gasoline
  • Solvents
  • Not self-lubricating media
  • Grease

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Protection class IP 54
Application areas For manual or semi-automatic filling

Flow rate

at viscosity < 5 mPas 0,09-1,67 l/min 0,44-8,3 l/min
at viscosity > 5 mPas 0,04-1,67 l/min 0,25-8,3 l/min

Measurement error of the flow rate

at viscosity < 5 mPas +/- 2,5 %
at viscosity > 5 mPas +/- 1 %
Repeatability +/- 0,03 %
Operating pressure max. PVDF: 10 bar S: 100 bar
Viscosity max Up to 1.000 mPas
Material housing Stainless steel, Polyvinylidene fluoride

Download Data Sheet: Flow Meter FMO 101

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