SC Hydraulic Engineering GB Series Gas Booster Single Stage

SC Hydraulic Engineering is a leading manufacturer and designer of an ever growing line of high pressure, air-driven liquid pumps, as well as air and gas boosters which are being used in a variety of industries and applications.

Growing since 1953, we offer liquid pressures as high as 65,000 psig and can exceed 17,000 psig in gas pressures.

sc hydraulic-gas booster cutaway
sc hydraulic-gas booster cutaway

SC Hydraulic Engineering works internationally through distribution and with manufacturers. We are continually developing new products to meet a never-ending stream of newly emerging applications and will continue to meet tougher, more demanding requirements.

SC Hydraulic Engineering GB Series Gas Booster Single Stage

Product Information

  • Low Flow, Low Pressure
  • Requires No Lubrication
  • Remote Control Capabilities
  • Oil-free High Pressure Section
  • Nominal Pressures Up To 7,500-psi
  • Air Operated – Does Not Require Electricity

The GB series is the most economical of the SC Hydraulic Gas Boosters and is ideal for applications not requiring much volume such as pressure testing small vessels or components. Pressures can be boosted from as low as 50 psig and up to over 11,000 psig.

SC Hydraulic Engineering GB Series Application

  • Laser Cutting
  • Leak Detection
  • Pressure Testing Vessels
  • Low Pressure Gas Recovery
  • Charging Of Nitrogen Bottles
  • Gas Assisted Injection Molding
  • Aircraft Slide Chute Gas Storage
  • Charging Of Nitrogen Accumulators
  • Transfer Of Sf6 For Arc Suppression
  • Transfer Of Sf6 For Circuit Breaker Insulation
  • Boosting Pressure From Nitrogen Generators


SC Hydraulic Dimension

Model No. Maximum Material Rated Gas Supply Pressure (Ps) Maximum Material Rated Gas Outlet Pressure (Po) A Inlet Port B Outlet Port Static Outlet Stall Pressure Minimum Inlet Gas Pressure (Ps) Displacement Per Stroke (in3 per cycle)
GB-15 2,250 psig 2,250 psig 1/4″ NPT 15 Pa 50 psig (3.5 bar) 7.05
155 bar 155 bar 1/4″ NPT
GB-30 4,500 psig 4,500 psig 1/4″ NPT 30 Pa 100 psig (7 bar) 3.1
310 bar 310 bar 1/4″ NPT
GB-75 6,000 psig 11,250 psig 9/16″-18 (1) 75 Pa 250 psig (17 bar) 1.2
410 bar 775 bar 9/16″-18 (1)
  1. Coned and threaded high pressure connection for 1/4″ O.D. tubing.
  2. Maximum allowed working pressure for oxygen service boosters: 5,000-psi max.
  3. Maximum allowed working pressure for hydrogen service boosters : 6,000-psi max.
  4. Oxygen & hydrogen service boosters not available on all models. Contact factory for more information.

Refer to corresponding gas booster performance curve for operating pressures. Maximum material rated outlet pressures can be reached under special operating conditions. Do not use air drive and/or gas supply pressures that equate to higher outlet pressures than those “maximum material rated outlet pressures” shown on table. Refer to Static Outlet Stall Pressure formula shown on table (for example, for gas booster model GBD-30 the formula is: Static Outlet Stall Pressure = 30*Pa+Ps). Maximum recommended air drive operating pressure: 100-psi. Maximum rated air drive pressure: 150-psi (only for static outlet stall pressure).


schydraulic-gas booster ordering

TABLE 1 Gas Booster Series (1)
GB Single Stage
TABLE 2 Modification
Blank No Modification
M402 Remote Pilot
3 EPR O-rings, Polyurethane Main Seal
TABLE 3 Cylinder Modification
Blank Single Head
TABLE 4 Pressure Ratio Single or First Stage
5 GB
15 GB
30 GB
75 GB
TABLE 5 Pressure Ratio Second Stage
Blank N/A on GB Series
TABLE 6 Service Option
Blank Standard
2 Oxygen Service (2)
H2 Hydrogen Service (2)
Notes : (1) Do not fill gap on a two digit description
(2) Not available on GBD-D75, GBT-D15/75 and GBT-D30/75 models. Contact factory for more information.

Performance Chart

Performance Chart
Performance Chart

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