Deep Sea Electronics DSE103 Speed Switch Control

Deep Sea Electronics DSE103 Speed Switch Control

Deep Sea Electronics DSE103 MKII Speed Switch Control Module monitors the speed of an engine by detecting pulses from a magnetic pick-up device or alternative output.
Independent relays can be operated at different speed settings. The relays can be set between 0-400% of the engines rated running speed. This flexibility allows the module to be used for multiple application types including under/over speed and crank disconnect.

Deep Sea Electronics DSE103 Specifications :

DC Supply

Continuous Voltage Rating

  • 8 V to 35 V Continuous

Cranking Dropouts

Able to survive 0 V for 50 mS, providing supply was at least 10 V before dropout and supply recovers to 5 V. This is achieved without the need for internal batteries.

Maximum Operating Current

  • 95 mA at 12 V, 100 mA at 24 V

Minimum Operating Current

  • 21 mA at 12 V, 22 mA at 24 V

Deep Sea Electronics DSE103 Outputs

Trip 1 & 2

  • 16 A at 35 V DC/AC


  • 1mA Full Scale


Voltage Range

  • 15 V – 333 V AC (L-N) RMS

Frequency Range

  • 3.5 Hz to 75 Hz

Magnetic Pick Up

Voltage Range

+/- 0.7 V to 70 V RMS

Frequency Range

  • 10,000 Hz (max)

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Overall Size
88 mm x 72 mm x 26 mm (3.4” x 2.8” x 1.0”)

Panel Cutout Size

Maximum Panel Thickness


Product Variants
0103-01 – 103MKII Speed Switch Control Module

Download : DSE103 MKII Data Sheet

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