Apollo Valves 58A Series Balance Valve with Two Position Hydronic

Balance Valve With Two Position Hydronic Circuit Isolation Capability And Multi-turn Throttling Adjustment

Apollo Model 58A Balance Valves are precision engineered and manufactured valves that provide two-position hydronic circuit isolation capability and multi-turn throttling adjustment as required for the proportional balancing of hydronic systems. The unique integrated digital readout in the handle allows qualified technicians to easily adjust the valve to achieve a highly accurate flow. Valve pressure drop can be read through the valves integrated 1/4” measurement ports, and flow calcula.


  • P/T Plugs
  • Compatible with All Flow Meters
  • Easy Adjustment and

Setpoint Indicator

  • Isolated Flow Shut-off
  • Non-Rising Stem
  • Y Pattern Body
  • Positive Shut Off

Performance Rating

  • CWP: 300 PSI (200 CWP for Push Fittings)
  • Temperature Range:
    -60°F to 300°F (-10°C to 150°C)


  • WRAS

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  • NPT Connection
  • Solder Connection
  • Press Connection†
  • Push Connection
  • PEX A Connection
  • PEX B/C Connection

Standard Material List

Handle Glass Filled PA66 (Red)
Bonnet HPb59-3 Brass
Seals EPDM
Body CC752S Brass (BS EN 1982) – DZR
Stem HPb59-3 Brass
Test Points Brass Body & EPDM Plug
Seat Teflon
Nose CW602N Brass (BS EN 12164) – DZR
Orifice Plate HPb59-3 Brass

Ref : http://www.apollowvalves.com

Download Data Sheets : Apollo Valves 58A Series Balance Valve with Two Position Hydronic