Paddle Level Switch

Paddle Level Switch

Paddle Level Switch  | Powder Level Sensor | Grain Level Switch


The paddle of the sensor rotates 1 time per minute. As the content in the tank fills up and influences the rotation of the paddle to stop, the relay in the sensor activates.


  • Easy to install, and used in low or high temperature.
  • Used for fodder, grain, powder, etc.
  • Robust structure and able to adjust the length of the axis.


  • Plastic surgery equipment.
  • Plastic mixer.
  • Paint solid mixer.
  • Tube conveyor equipment.
  • Pulverizer.
  • Various types of molding equipment.
  • Rice cleaner.
  • Grain mixer.
  • Dryer.
  • Mill.


Paddle Level Switch
Paddle Level Switch

A/S Check PointIf you find any abnormal symptoms during operation, please try to check the below points.

  • Is the sequence circuit set correctly?
  • Isn’t the lead line cut or short-circuit?
  • Is the float installed correctly regarding the direction or point?
  • Is there output through the lead line when you move the float up and down?
Paddle Level Switch Intsallation
Paddle Level Switch Intsallation

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