VSE Oil Flow Meter

VSE Oil Flow Meter High precision measuring results for almost all pumpable media, test stands, quantity, consumption, volume and flow measuring, metering, batching, ratio control, monitoring of mixing ratios, leakage, breakdown, limit value, real-time monitoring, liquid dispensing.

VSE Oil Flow Meter Product Classification

VS Gear Flow Meter

VS gear flow meters offer unbeatable performance, linearity and resolution for most accurate measurement of clear, viscous liquids according to the gearwheel principle.

VS Gear Flow Meter
VS Gear Flow Meter


A gearwheel pair adapted with precision into the housing forms the measuring unit. The rotation of the measuring unit is recorded contact-free by a signal pick-up system and converted into digital pulses. The VS can be used to measure all pumping liquids which have a certain lubrication capacity, e.g. petrol, (low flammable) mineral oils, paints, greases, resins, and much more. The flow meters are available in grey cast iron and stainless-steel.

VSI pre-amplifier

For precise and accurate flow and volume measurements with as high a resolution as possible, VSE has developed the optional VSI pre-amplifier.

VSE VSI Pre-amplifier
VSE VSI Pre-amplifier

he integrated electronics of the VSI produces greatly improved signal quality with harmonic pulse widths. This means that more consistent and vibration-free measurements can be achieved. A switchable A/B-90° offset permits a direction change during commissioning. A separate direction signal also provides additional information for single channel evaluations, for example. Information can be read off quickly and easily using the LED status display. In addition, the interpolation factor has been increased by two IPF factors (24 and 32).

The replaceable system means that existing systems can be easily upgraded or expanded and standardised. An integrated embedded system permits greater flexibility, meaning that individual custom solutions can also be realised. read more

RS Helical screw flow meter

RS helical screw flow meters impress with a low-resistance, pulsation-free and high-precision measurement of the fluid with minimal shear, low pressure losses and maximum functionality thanks to intelligent sensor technology.

RS Helical screw flow meter
RS Helical screw flow meter

Whether low viscosity oil or viscous resin – RS flow meters are the ideal solution for precise flow measurement. Thanks to various bearings, tolerances, materials, coatings, electronics and resolutions, VSE finds the right solution also for challenging applications. An optional high temperature pick-up system means that the RS can also be used in extreme temperature zones. read more

VSE EF ecoflow aluminium flow meter

As a cost-effective and lightweight alternative to the VS volume sensor, we have launched the VSE EF ecoflow series onto the market. The VSE EF ecoflow aluminium flow meter uses the same gearwheel pairs as in the VS.

VSE EF Ecoflow Aluminium Gear Flow Meter
VSE EF Ecoflow Gear Flow Meter

The flow meters work in accordance with the same displacement principle as the VS, and measure viscous media as an inline device. The pulse frequency is proportional to the speed of the measuring unit wheels driven by the volumetric flow. The pulse evaluation is carried out using VSE evaluation electronics or any other evaluation device.

The flow meters are ideal for low pressure hydraulics, lubrication systems, spray coatings, and with the high temperature option, also for hotmelt. read more

VHM Gear flow meter

VHM series was developed in particular for the high precision measurement of abrasive and poorly lubricating media. The gear flow meters work in accordance with the displacement principle and are suitable for a variety of fluids.

VSE VHM Series Oil Gear Flow Meter
VHM Oil Gear Flow Meter

Each tooth generates a pulse when it passes the contactless signal pick-up system in accordance with the carrier frequency principle. The VHM flow meters are available with single, double and quad resolution and signal output with NPN or PNP modes. The flow meters are also dead space-optimised for (flush-friendly) usage in the painting industry. read more

VTR turbine flow meter

For applications in even the most challenging conditions in the oil, petrochemical and chemical industries, VSE have developed our turbine flow meters in the VTR series.

VTR turbine flow meter
VTR turbine flow meter

The basic system in the VTR series comprises a rotor, the housing body and a measurement pick-up. Thanks to the specific internal diameter, the speed of the turbines is directly proportional to the flow. All flow meters in the VTR series are individually calibrated. A wide range of electronic evaluation and display units are also available to our customers.

Diverse application possibilities

  • measuring technology
  • metering technology
  • hydraulics
  • monitoring technology
  • control and regulating
  • process technology

Ease of installation

  • compact design
  • robust
  • low maintenance
  • reduced weights
  • simple operation

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