A-Eberle Measurement and Control Technology

A-Eberle Measurement and Control Technology was founded in 1980 with the goal of providing development and manufacturing services to other electronics companies. In 1995, the company realigned towards the development of its own product family. Since then, A. Eberle has provided an innovative range of devices and developed its own internationally-focused distribution network.

A-Eberle Measurement and Control Technology Overview

Comfortable Voltage Regulation

With the intelligent extra functions of our REGSys devices. The REGSys™ voltage regulation system is conceived to allow the regulation and monitoring of tapped transformers in medium and high-voltage networks.

A wide range of freely adjustable inputs and outputs, display LEDs, smart additional functions – a recorder and logbook, measurement transducer and statistical unit, parallel operation with ParaGramer function, transformer monitoring – and a powerful programming language make the voltage regulation system particularly easy to use.

The focus is on flexibility with regard to customer-specific applications and ease of use. The devices in the REGSys™ family can be easily combined to form regulator groupings (e.g. parallel operation). The user can find the right solution for every task.

Low Voltage Regulation

The low-voltage regulation system LVRSys™ is a cost-effective alternative to a network extension. It pays to integrate its components in any low-voltage network where short-circuit capacity is sufficient but where there are voltage stability problems.

The stability problems could be local (individual lines) or affect the entire network. The LVRSys™ can be used flexibly as a line regulator or controller directly at the local transformer station.

WinPQ  High-quality analysis software

The WinPQ system solution for all built-in A. Eberle fault recorders, power quality monitoring devices and mobile network analysers. Monitor power quality permanently – from the high-voltage grid to the end user in a system. Intuitive operation despite the vast amount of data handled.

Security of Supply and Availability

All products and services are intended to guarantee and continuously improve the security of supply and availability of energy networks. Our customers are energy suppliers at all voltage levels and large and mid-size industrial companies from all sectors that have their own energy supply.

Because of our demanding activities a very high proportion, more than 50%, of our staff is made up of highly qualified technicians and engineers. We also consider an inherent part of our work to be coming together with customers and partners, taking on new tasks and solving problems with unconventional solutions.

A-Eberle Measurement and Control Technology Products

A-Eberle Products
A-Eberle Products
  • Voltage regulation
  • Low voltage regulation
  • Power Quality System
  • Power Quality Mobile
  • Earth fault compensation & power feed
  • Short circuit & earth fault location
  • Control technology

Reference :  a-eberle.de

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