ChannelFlo™ OCRM Flocorp

Guided Wave Radar Open Channel Flow Meter

The ChannelFlo™ OCRM flow meter is an all-in-one solution preconfigured for open channel flow. The Tracer 1000 radar level meter and DigaTouch/eXmod display are coupled together to form the OCRM meter. As a stand alone meter, the Tracer 1000 has range of 2 inches to 65 feet and a 4-20mA output. Easy mounting and a one-piece feed through makes this a rugged sensor that can withstand up to 302°F and 580 PSIG pressure. Remote email alerts and data logging make this meter a wise choice for remote locations as well.

Features & Benefits

  • Revolutionary TDR Technology
  • High accuracy (+/- 0.12mm) with NO moving parts
  • Dead Band (Top & Bottom) 1.5”
  • Probe guided radar impulses for ease of flow measurement in narrow channels
  • Isolated 4-20 mA, 4 10A relay outputs and 1 PNP transistor output plus RS-485 Serial communication, and Ethernet communication
  • 6 digit red LED display with touch screen interface and remote monitoring/configuration software (included)


Electrical Specifications
Output Functions Continuous level measurement through analog output and point level detection through switching output.
Analog Output (Active) Current output 4-20mA: The span between the lower range value [4mA] and the upper range value [20mA] is equal to 0-100%    of the continuous level measurement reading. It is recommended that the span between those two range values stays within the measuring range [M].
Total Load Resistance < 500Ω: HART resistor approx. 250Ω
+ load resistance approx. 250Ω if the current output is connected to a device with an inner resistance of approx. 250Ω, then there is no additional, external HART resistor necessary. In that case, the HART modem is connected in parallel to the current output wires.
Lower Range Value 4.0mA (span 0%)
Upper Range Span 20.0mA (span 100%)
Response Time 0.5s (default), 2s 5s (selectable)
Temperature Drift Less than .0078 in/ºF change in ambient temperature
Switching Output DC PNP (Active) NC (default) or NO (short-circuit protected)
Load Current < 200mA
Supply Voltage 12-30VDC (reverse-polarity protected)
Current Consumption < 50mA at 24 VDC (no burden)
Start-Up Time < 6s
Cable Terminals Screwless, cage clamp terminal block for stranded and solid wires AWG 22-14 *The usage of cable end sleeves with insulation collar is not recommended
Measurement Specifications
Accuracy ± 0.12” or 0.03% of measured distance, whichever is greatest
Repeatability < .08”
Resolution < .04”
Probe Type 316 SS Rod: 1/4”
Probe Length [L] 316 SS Rod: 4” – 240”
(Length must be specified when ordering – The reference point is always the sealing surface of the connection thread – See dimensional drawings)
Top Dead Band Configurable below 1.5”
Bottom Dead Band Configurable above 1.5”
Measuring Range [M] Probe length [L] less both inactive
areas at top and bottom [l1  and  l2]  in this range Tracer 1000™ will have the specified measurement  performance.  It  is recommended that the maximum and minimum liquid levels to be  measured  are within the measuring range [M] of the sensor.
Application Specifications
Dielectric Constant [ɛr] 316 SS Rod: > 1.8
Conductivity No restrictions
Density No restrictions
Dynamic Viscosity 316 SS Rod: < 5.00mPa s = 5.000cP
Standard Application Temp. F: -40º to 302º C: -40 to 150º
Ambient Temperature F: -13º to 176º C: -25º to 80º
Application Pressure -14.50 PSI to 580 PSI
Velocity of Level Change < 3.2 fps
Interface (i.e. oil on top of water) An oil layer of < 2.8” thickness on top of water is not detected by the sensor;  in this case the sensor will detect only the water level at a slightly lower position  than actual. From an oil layer thickness > 2.8” onwards, the sensor detects the total level, including the oil layer, according to specifications.
Mechanical Specifications
Material Exposed to Tank Atmosphere 316 SS Rod: 1.4404 / 316L and PEEK
Gasket at connection thread: Klingersil C-4400, 0.1” thick
Enclosure Material Aluminum alloy EN AC-AISi9Cu3 (DIN EN 1706), Epoxy Spray (~70µm)
Enclosure Rating Standard: NEMA 6


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