BAMOPORT MI 415 Bamo Handheld Turbidity Meter

BAMOPORT MI 415 Bamo Handheld Turbidity-Meter is a measurement of how much is turbid a sample. In rivers, it is usually caused by suspended particles or colloidal particles that absorb, scatter or reflect light. In eutrophic waters (with nutriments in excess), it may result of presence of bacteria and microalgae. By measuring the turbidity (photometric or comparative methods), it is possible to estimate the content of suspended particles, materials. The BAMOPORT MI 415 is used to accurately measure turbidity in the field or in the laboratory.

It includes in a rigid case: 1 turbidity-meter, 2 measuring cells (10 ml), 3 standard solutions (0, 10 and 500 FNU), 1 microfiber cloth, 1 alcaline battery (9 V) and the user manual. Fast and easy to use. The code for each operation is indicated on the LCD. The battery icon indicates that battery has to be replaced. A monthly calibration is recommended with the standard solutions. Instrument may be calibrated with formazine solutions; however the supplied standards are safer to use (not cancerigenous) and stable.

BAMOPORT MI 415 Bamo Handheld Turbidity-Meter Features

  • Measuring scales:
    • 0.50 to 50 FNU
    • 50 to 1000 FNU
  • Easy to use
  • Supplied ready-to-use with a rigid case


Handheld turbidity-meter for field measurements in rivers, drinking water and waste or industrial water.

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Measuring scales 0.50 to 50.00 FNU
50 to 1000 FNU
Resolution 0.01 and 1 FNU
Accuracy ± 0.5 FNU or 5 % of reading
Method 90° scattered light as per ISO 7027
Light source Infrared LED
Light receiver Silicone photoelectric cell
Temperature 1 … 50 °C; HR %: < 100 % (not condensing)
Power 1 Alcaline battery 9 V
Automatic switch-off After 5 minutes without use
Dimensions 192 x 104 x 52 mm
Mass 380 g

Download Data Sheet: Handheld Turbidity-Meter BAMOPORT MI 415


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