Bamo D201 Flanged Diaphragm Seal

Bamo D201 Flanged Diaphragm Seal  is a product from Bamo. This product from the categories of pressure measurement. The process connection of this product use Flange ANSI B16.5. This product designed to protect other industrial instrument.

Bamo D201 Flanged Diaphragm Seal Features

  • Wide choice
  • Flanged diaphragm seal
  • Operating ranges: -1 … 0 … 70 bar
  • Process connection: Flange ANSI B16.5


Designed to protect instruments, these gauge guards are useful on viscous and corrosive fluids in high pressure and/or high vibration applications.

Bamo D201 Flanged Diaphragm Seal Specification

Operating ranges -1 … 0 … 70 bar
Filling Silicone oil DC 200 (-40 … 205 °C)
Body Top: AISI 304
Bottom: AISI 316
Diaphragm AISI 316 L
Gaskets PTFE
Fitting to instrument ½” BSP-F
½” NPT-F
Fitting to process ANSI flange B 16.5 rated: according operating range
OPTIONS Capillary tube to instrument
Protection over capillary
PTFE sheathed flange
PTFE sheathed diaphragm

Download Data Sheet: Flanged Diaphragm Seal, Gauge Guard D201

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