Hengesbach TP 19 Flange Resistance Thermometer

Hengesbach TP 19 Flange Resistance Thermometer with/without a transmitter are powerful, rugged devices for process measurements, the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry, etc., completely made of stainless steel in a sealed design for hygienic applications.

The standard version of the temperature sensor is designed according to Accuracy Class A. Accuracy classes B 1/2, 1/3, 1/10 DIN are optionally available. The measuring inserts are single or double PT 100s, which can be exchanged. The utilization of the measuring inserts must be adapted to the requirements with regard to temperature, length, flexibility, vibration resistance, and measuring accuracy. Special devices are available for control processes, e.g. tapered sensor tip for particularly short half-value times.

The design according to IP 67 with an exchangeable test insert provides access to the measuring point at any time and offers a reliable guarantee for tightness and long operating times, even under extreme operating conditions, as well as saving resources. Programmable 4-20 mA, HART or Profibus PA transmitters can be installed for transmission of the measuring values. The QUICKTEMP series is particularly recommended for measuring points that require calibration.

Resistance thermometers of this series are designed for fitting into vessels and pipelines. Standard flanges to DIN EN or ASME are available. These temperature sensors are suitable for liquid and gaseous media under moderate mechanical load. The protection tube is all welded and screwed into the connection head. Stainless steel protection tubes are suitable for normal chemical conditions. The coating is recommended as an optional extra with chemically aggressive media, or solid wear-resistant coating for abrasive media.

The interchangeable measuring insert can be removed without taking out the complete sensor from the plant. This enables inspection, measuring equipment monitoring or, when servicing is necessary, a replacement while the plant is running. The choice of standard lengths assists with short delivery times and the possibility of stocking spare parts.

Insertion length, flange size, protection tube design, connection head and sensor can each be selected to suit the respective application.

Insertion length, flange size, protection tube design, connection head and sensor can each be selected to suit the respective application.

Hengesbach TP 19 Features:

  • “fr” housing in ip 67
  • single or double pt100
  • optionally with measuring transmitter
  • connection “varivent” flange, d = 25 or 68 mm
  • fully sealed
  • short addressing times and tapered sensor tip
  • optional as quicktemp versions for measuring points required for quality assurance


Type Field housing (Cr Ni St)
Temperature sensor PT 100 according to EN 60751, exchangeable test insert (standard)
Insertion tube 1.4571
Test insert, electrical 1 x PT 100 in a 2-, 3- or 4-wire circuit, standard: 1 x 3-wire circuit, Class A,
2 x PT 100 in 2- or 3-wire circuit
Electrical connection M 16×1.5 cable connection, MS-nickel-plated,
Optional: M12 x 1 round plug, 4-pin
Accuracy – Standard: Tolerance Class A according to EN 60751,
– Optional: Tolerance categories B 1/10, 1/5, 1/3, 1/2
Response time T50 (measured in water): 6 s (design-dependent, d = 6 mm), < 6 s with tapered sensor tip, on request)
Temperature of measuring material tmax at the sensor = -20… +200°C
Casing material Stainless steel 1.4301 (standard field housing)
Sensor material Stainless steel 1.4571, optional 316L = 1.4435 or 1.4404,
Optional: High surface quality
Sensor diameter Standard: Continuously smooth, d = 6 mm,
Optional: Tapered sensor tip d = 4 mm
Tapered sensor tip d = 3 mm or 2 mm (test insert not exchangeable)
Sensor length Standard EL: 35 mm, VARIVENT d = 68 mm,
Deviating length on request
Collared tube Standard: Neck pipe length = 50 mm, d = 12 mm
for extending the distance, depending on the operating temperature,
optionally in other lengths
Type of protection EN 60529, IP 67 with cable connection, optionally with cable output
Permitted pressure DN = 10 bar, depending on design and temperature
CE conformity EMC guidelines are met, CE symbol
— VARIVENT flange d = 68 mm, DN 40/50 for pipe DN 40 – DN 125
— Optional: – VARIVENT DN 25, d = 50 mm – VARIVENT DN 10/15, d = 31 mm Material No. 1.4404, optional 1.4435
Parts for assembly Accessories for VARIVENT installation systems on request
Electrical connection – Ceramic connection base
– Flexible connection wires
– Sheathed cable version (vibration-resistant version)
– Transmitter TE 42, programmable, 4…20 mA, 2-wire switch (standard)
– Transmitter TE 41, programmable, galvanically separated
– Transmitter TE 52, HART
– Transmitter TE 82, Profibus PA
– Configuration set including adapter and software for TE41 / TE42
Process connections – Tapered sensor tip D = 3 mm or 4 mm – Exchangeable test insert, d = 3 mm
– Neck pipe L = 75 mm, d = 12 mm (please specify other length)
– VARIVENT flange DN 25, 316L, fully welded
Calibration Factory calibration, calibration certificate (3-point / 5-point) with DKD standard
Certificates Material certificate according to EN 10204, EHEDG, FDA

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