Flush-Mounted Pressure and Level Transmitter PZT 100/101 Hengesbach

Flush-Mounted Pressure and Level Transmitter PZT 100/101 Hengesbach

The pressure transmitters PZT are applicable for pressure and level measurements in pipes and vessels. The modular process connection system offers a huge variety of connection adapters and adds a sustainable cost reduction. The flush mounted process connection with its sealing cone free of elastomers and its stainless steel membrane is certified by EHEDG, type EL-CLASS I and hence applicable for measurements with highest hygienic requirements.

Flush-Mounted Pressure and Level Transmitter PZT 100_101
Flush-Mounted Pressure and Level Transmitter PZT 100/101

The vacuum tight measuring cell with stainless steel membrane works with the piezoresistive measuring principle. The pressure transmitters PZT are designed for measuring ranges of -1/0…0,35bar up to -1/0…100bar. Special measuring ranges are also available. Due to the construction for permanent temperatures up to 125°C or 200°C respectively the transmitter are CIP and SIP cleanable. In addition the high protection classes IP67 and IP69K allow an accurate outside cleaning with foam and power washer and prevent the permeation of humidity into the instrument. As an additional protection against humidity the electronics in the housing are completely casted.

All the pressure transmitters in series 100/101 are designed for universal applications and, in particular, for applications with constantly high temperatures of up to 200°C. Furthermore, using the on-site display with series 100 and the display and operating module OPUSM in series 101, the pressure transmitters can be simply read out, configured and diagnosed.


  • modular process connection system with sealing cone free of elastomers
  • precise measurements ≤ ± 0,15% FS
  • Turn Down 10
  • integrated onsite display or external operating module OPUSM for parametrisation and display of measured values
  • high protection classes IP 67 and IP69K
  • vacuum tight measuring cell
  • application strengths: content and process pressure measurements / vacuum measurements even at high temperatures

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General information

Device type/measuring principle PIEZOTEC PZT 100/101/: piezoresistive


measuring ranges PZT 100/101
standard-range [bar] relative OSD absolute OSD
OSD=Over Load Safety [bar]

all measuring cells are vacuum tight

0…0,35 1
0…1 3 0…1 3
-1/0…2,5 8 0…2,5 8
-1/0…5 15 0…5 15
-1/0…10 30 0…10 30
-1/0…30 90 0…30 90
-1/0…100 250 0…100 250
setting of measuring ranges via keybord of the onsite display / operating modul OPUSM
adjustable ranges measuring start zero:0…..90% of the sensor range
measuring range span:10…100% of the sensor range
bursting pressure acc. to DIN16086 ≥ 4x sensor range


output signal 2-wire:   4…20mA with test circuit connection inside the device
breakdown signal optionally: 3,8mA, 22mA, hold (hold the last measuring)
current limit 3,85mA and 21,5mA (standard operation)
integration timt 0…300s infinitly variable (respone time after pressure jump)

Measuring accuracy

reference conditions acc. to DIN IEC 770
linearity, hysteresis and repeatybility acc. to limit point-method DIN IEC 770 ≤ ± 0,15% to the sensor range
warm-up time < 5s (device is self-testing)
adjustment time (without damp) < 200ms
long term drift ≤ 0,2% FS per year
thermical hysteresis ≤ ± 0,2% of the sensor range / 10K (-20…+80°C) form 4bar (PZT)
≤ ± 0,3% of the sensor range / 10K (-20…+80°C) up to 0,6bar (PZT)

Operating conditions

installation- / calibration-position any / vertical (position-depending zero drift)
media temperature T1: -40…+125°C (140°C max. 1h)
T2: -40…+200°C (high temperature construction)
ambience- / storage temperature type 101: -40…+85°C
type 100: -30…+75°C
(under -20°C is an increased risk of cable breaks / the display may have limited functions)
protection class acc. to EN60529 IP 67 and IP 69K
electromagnetic compatibility susceptibility: acc. to DIN IEC 61000-6-2
spurious radiation: acc. to DIN IEC 61000-6-4


electrical connection – standard: cable gland M16x1,5 nickel-plated brass (stainless steel on request)
– optional: round plug M12x1 nickel-plated brass(stainless steel on request)
– optional: angle plug gemäß EN 175301-803
– optional: reference cable
process connection – membrane flush mounted welded, CrNiSt (other on request)
– lock-screw M38x1,5 and sealing cone free of elastomers
– sealing EPM (FDA) (temperature range: -20…+150°C)
– Sealing FPM (FDA) (temperature range: -40…+200°C)
materials – fieldhousing / cap:CrNiSt 1.4301 (304)
– housing seal:FPM (Viton®)
– pressure equalization:Polyamid
– window (type 100):Polycarbonat
– process-connection / connection-adapters:CrNiSt 1.4404 (316L)
– process-membrane:CrNiSt 1.4435/1.4404 (316L)
– screw (type 101): CrNiSt 1.4301 (304)
– reference cable: 5-wire with reference-tube:PUR (recommendation: max. 80m)
filling liquids – silicone-oil (FDA)

Display and operation

display LCD, 4-digit numerical and 5-digit alphanumerical
type 100:integrated on-site-display (not removable from the device)
type 101:external display and operating modul OPUSM
displayable units pressure: mbar, bar, psi, Pa, mH2O, mmHg, Torr, atm, at, kg/cm²
Temperature:°C, °F, K, °R, °Ré
additional units output current in mA or % (based on span)
operation 100:via configurationmenu with integrated on-site-display
101:via configurationmenu with external display and operating modul OPUSM

Power supply

power supply/burden 12-36V DC, max. burden: (Vsupply – 12V) / 24mA
Accessories series 100
display and operating modul OPUSM external display and operating modul, CrNiSt, IP 67, 41x70mm, 1m connection cable and round plug M12x1
certificates calibration-certificate
certificate of conformitation
material certificate acc. to EN 10204

Download Data Sheet: Flush-Mounted Pressure and Level Transmitter PZT 100/101

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