Microsensor Corp MPM4841 Pressure Sensor

Microsensor Corp MPM4841 Pressure Sensor uses a high-stability, high-reliability piezoresistive pressure sensing element and a special conditioning circuit to output a standard current or voltage signal. It is compact in size, excellent in quality, stable, and reliable in overall performance. It is very suitable for general industry and cost-effective.

We can also provide products that meet the requirements of our customers for their specified applications in a short period of time.

Microsensor Corp MPM4841 Applications

  • Machine manufacturing
  • Petrochemical engineering
  • Measurement and control
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic
  • Energy and water treatment

Pressure Type

  • Gauge / Absolute / Sealed Gauge

Pressure Range

  • Type A: 0bar~0.35bar…200bar Type B: 0bar~250bar…600bar

Microsensor Corp MPM4841 Output Signal

  • 4mA~20mA DC
  • 0V~10V DC
  • 0.5V~4.5V DC
  • 0V~5V DC
  • 1V~5V DC

Reference Accuracy

  • Max. ±0.5% FS, see details on specifications


  • Liquids compatible with wetted material

Performance test standards and baseline test conditions

  • Test standard: IEC 61298-1

Reference Condition

  • Temperature: 15℃ ~25℃
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 860mbar~1,060mbar Humidity: 45% ~75 % RH
  • Power Supply: 24 V DC

Microsensor Corp MPM4841 Performance

  • Accuracy: ±0.5% FS
  • Long-term Stability: ±0.3%FS/ year (Max.)
  • Based on standard and baseline test conditions, including linearity, hysteresis and repeatability.

Ambient Temperature Effect

Zero Temperature Coefficient:

  • ±0.05%FS/℃ (≤1bar)
  • ±0.02%FS/℃ (>1bar)

FS Temperature Coefficient:

  • ±0.05%FS/℃ (≤1bar)
  • ±0.02%FS/℃ (>1bar)

Power Supply Impact

  • Zero and FS changes do not exceed ±0.005%FS/V

Load Impact

  • Zero and FS changes do not exceed ±0.05%FS/kΩ

Weight A: ≤150g B: ≤200g

Vibration Environment

  • Vibration resistance: 10g(@20Hz~2000Hz) (IEC 60068-2-6 standard, under resonance conditions), available for vibration resistance up to 20g according to customer’s requirements.
  • Impact resistance: 100g/11ms (IEC 60068-2-27 standard, mechanical shock)

Microsensor Corp MPM4841 Construction Material

A: Welded Housing: SS 316L

  • Sensor Housing: SS 304/SS 316L Plug: PA
  • Diaphragm: SS 316L Rectangle Sealing Ring: Viton

B: Assembled Housing: SS 316L O-ring: Viton

  • Sensor Housing: SS 316L Plug: PA
  • Diaphragm: SS 316L Rectangle Sealing Ring: Viton

Download Datasheet: MPM4841, Microsensorcorp-Pressure Sensor

Ref: Microsensorcorp.com

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