TE TSD305 Digital Thermopile Sensors

The TE TSD305 Series are digital thermopile sensors in a TO5 package. The TSD sensors include an infrared sensor (thermopile) and a sensorsignal conditioner.

The TE TSD305 sensors can be interfaced to any microcontroller by an I2C interface. This microcontroller has to calculate the temperature results based on the ADC values and the calibration parameters


  • 0°C … up to +300°C measurement ranges
  • Small size
  • Small field of view available
  • Up to ±1°C accuracy
  • I2C Interface
  • Low current consumption
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C … +85°C


  • Contactless temperature measurement
  • Climate control
  • Industrial process control
  • Household applications


  • Object Temperature Range

Parameter Symbol Sensor Min Typ Max Unit
Object temperature range1) TOBJ TSD305-1C55 0 100 ºC
TSD305-2C55 0 300 ºC

1)Other temperatures on request

  • Tolerance

If not otherwise noted, 3.3V supply voltage is applied.Tsen = sensor temperature, Tobj = object temperature

Parameter Symbol Sensor Temperature Sensor Object Temperature Max Unit
Accuracy Standard Temp1) ACCS +15°C < Tsen < +35°C TSD305-1C55 +40°C < Tobj < +80°C ±1 %FS
TSD305-2C55 +170°C < Tobj < +190°
Accuracy Extended Temp. 12) ACCE1 Complete range TSD305-1C55 +40°C < Tobj < +80°C ±2 %FS
+15°C < Tsen < +35°C TSD305-3C5 Complete range
Complete range TSD305-2C55 +170°C < Tobj < +190°
+15°C < Tsen < +35°C TSD305-1SL10 Complete range
Accuracy Extended Temp. 22) ACCE1 Complete range TSD305-1C55 Complete range ±3 %

Other temperature ranges and accuracies are available on request.

1) Ideal, proved by production
2) Ideal case by design

Download Datasheet: TE TSD305 Digital Temperature Sensors

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