Eaton Bypass Isolation Contactor Based Transfer Switch

Eaton Bypass Isolation Contactor transfer switch is used in life safety and other mission-critical applications where redundancy is desired and maintenance of the automatic transfer switch can be performed without interrupting power to the load. Transfer switches can be equipped with the ATC- 300+ or ATC-900 controller.

Eaton Bypass Isolation Contactor Configuration

  • 100, 150, 200, 225, 260, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 and 1600 A
  • Two-, three- or four-pole (the fourth pole is fully rated)
  • Up to 600 Vac, 50/60 Hz
  • NEMA 1, 3R, 12, 4X

Design Highlights

  • Front access is a standard feature on all ratings
  • Entry:
    • Top, bottom or both
    • Isolated compartments
  • Improved safety:
    • Isolated compartments with barriers
    • Single motion rack-out with doors closed
    • Ability to test power switching elements during drawn out process
  • Dual ATS capability—both the ATS switch and bypass switch operate in automatic mode
  • Installation flexibility:
    • Field entry/exit locations can be modified in the field
    • Interchangeable draw out contactors
  • Field-selectable multi-tap transformer panel permits operation on a wide range of system voltages
  • Dual draw out—ATS and bypass

Eaton Bypass Isolation Contactor Features, Benefits, and Functions

Standard Features

  • Drawout cassette design on both ATS and bypass
  • No service interruption in bypass to the same source
  • Source available contacts:
    • Source 1 present
  • Field-programmable time delays:
    • Time delay engine start: 0–1200 seconds
    • Time delay normal to an emergency.

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Optional Features

  • Surge protection(UL 1449 3rd Edition)
  • Eaton IQ and Power Xpert multi-function power quality metering
  • Automatic transfer mode 2NO and 2NC 0–1800 seconds
  • Source 2 present 2NO and 2NC
  • Switch position contacts:
    • Source 1 position 1NO and 1NC
    • Source 2 position 1NO and 1NC
  • Source 1 and Source 2 senses:
    • Undervoltage/ under frequency
    • Overvoltage/ over frequency
    • Three-phase rotation protection (ATC-300+ only)
  • Three-phase voltage unbalance/loss (ATC-300+ only)
  • Pretransfer signal contacts 1NO and 1NC (open transition only)
  • Go to Source 2 (EMERGENCY)
  • Time delay emergency to normal: 0–1800 seconds
  • Time delay engine cooldown: 0–1800 seconds
  • Time delay emergency failure: 0–6 seconds
  • LCD-based display for programming, system diagnostics and Help menu display
  • Mimic diagram with source available and connected LED indication
  • Time-stamped history log
  • System TEST pushbutton
  • Programmable plant exerciser—OFF, daily, 7-, 14-, 28-day interval selectable run time 0–600 minutes no-load/ load with fail-safe automatic/automatic retransfer mode
  • Modbus RTU via RS-485
  • Remote annunciation with control
  • Open in-phase transition, time delay neutral or in- phase with a default to time delay neutral transfer
  • ATC-900 controller
    • Includes Modbus RTU via RS-485
    • Includes four programmable inputs/ outputs
    • Includes two plant exercisers
    • Includes LCD color display with easy navigation tools to settings and event logs
    • Expandable I/O (up to 20 I/O total)
    • Optional integrated load metering
    • Optional Ethernet TCP/ IP communications
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