Shunt Trip Safety Switch

Shunt Trip Safety Switch technology enhances safety by providing a means to open a safety switch electronically. When using an emergency stop, safety interlock, or similar means, the remote operation capability of they’re no longer requires personnel to manually open the switch with the handle, enhancing safety and improving productivity.

Eaton’s tried and true heavy-duty safety switch line expands to include shunt trip capability—remote switching and visible means of disconnect for commercial and industrial applications.

These builds on Eaton’s extensive portfolio of safety switch solutions, incorporating a side-handle operation mechanism and visible blade indication that have decades of successful installation and operation.

Theses can be configured to meet the needs of safety applications in industrial and commercial environments. The switches can be signaled to electronically operate the trip mechanism and interrupt the flow of power when a defined electrical condition is detected via protection relay (for example, ground fault, Undervoltage, blown fuse shutdown).

Shunt Trip Safety Switch Core Features

  • Standard heavy-duty safety switch design with integrated shunt trip module
  • Integral arc energy reduction system available (NEC 240.67)
  • Integral ground fault protection available for 480 VAC service entrance applications (NEC 230.95)
  • Works with emergency stop pushbuttons and other remote signaling means to quickly disconnect power from equipment
  • Provides a safety switch solution for oil and gas, industrial plants, utilities, commercial construction and water and wastewater treatment applications
  • Includes two-, three- and four-pole configurations for maximum system voltages of 600Vac with fusible and non-fusible protection options
  • Meets Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards and is listed to the UL98 standard
  • Provides a variety of coil voltages, visible means of disconnect, and a standard heavy duty safety switch with integrated shunt trip module
  • Passes Class 1 ground fault testing (1200% opening)


  • E-stop
  • Safety interlocking
  • Machinery OEM interlocking
  • Remote opening (distant from the switch)
  • Cost-effective solution for high-interrupt applications
  • Ground fault
  • Phase reversal/phase loss 1
  • Blown fuse shutdown
  • Undervoltage release


The shunt trip switch provides a solenoid/coil to facilitate shunt trip, specific relay, and applicable power supply provided by others.

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