Rotech Limit Switch Boxes


Rotech Limit Switch Boxes signal devices (limit switches, position control, position sensors) are used to report and control the position of valves. Switches and sensors of different technical specifications can be installed into boxes and mounted on pneumatic part-turn valves or directly on valves.

Depending on the design, switches, and sensors are also suitable for application in hazardous environments. ROTECH offers different housing designs and materials which are perfectly adaptable to the application required.

Rotech Limit Switch Boxes Types

Proxi Box

The PB-box (Proxi-box) with ease of service screwable cover and very compact design is available in numerous different specifications. For the sensing of end positions or intermediate positions of pneumatic actuators or valves, dual sensors of different designs, e.g. square proximity switch or microswitch can be utilized. Each end position is adjustable in the range from 0° – 360°.

Rotech Limit Switch Boxes
Rotech Limit Switch Boxes – Proxi Box

Serrated cams secure the preset position against unintentional releases caused by vibrations. Specified sensors can be implemented with damped or undamped end positions thanks to the design of the cam. The shock-resistant Vestamid housing protects the installed signal devices against dirt and mechanical wear.

The housing cover of the PB-box is available in transparent Macrolon or black Vestamid. We have created a high-vision beacon cover, and a position indicator, optionally available with different combinations of colors which is highly visible from a great distance.


  • Very compact design
  • Very competitive price and ease of service thanks to the persuasive technical construction
  • Switching points are individually adjustable in the range from 0° to 360°
  • Highly visible position indicator

The better the sealing of a box is the bigger the problem with condensation water when the temperature fluctuation is extreme. By integrating a waterproof, but air-permeable membrane, the air inside is able to interchange with the air outside. As a result, condensed water can be avoided. The two-way breathable membrane is standard in all our Proxiboxes.


The ALB-box is the direct result of further development of our COM-box and it is perfect for application in process plants. The box offers all benefits of the COM-box and, in addition, greater internal space and extended application possibilities. The Certification for an explosion-proof Ex e box allows the application of, e.g. two switching networks with different voltage potential and it is possible to separate them effectively.

Rotech Limit Switch Boxes
Rotech Limit Switch Boxes – ALB Box

A good example of a typical application is the intrinsically safe signal control (Ex ia) and the separated 24 V DC power supply for the control of the solenoid valves, which required until now, two separate housings. Now, it is also possible to use reliable Ex ed (d) solenoid valves with cable. The ample space inside the ALB box allows the installation of a wide range of sensors and even switches, which were too big to be implemented into a housing before, can now be installed.


  • Two switching networks in one housing with a new concept
  • Comfort thanks to the large interior and hinged cover
  • High tightness with high diameter seal and foam-filled sealing

The ALB-box, made of coated aluminum offers as a special feature a comfortable hinged cover. The cover is captive and is available with different position indicator designs. The ample internal space offers numerous possibilities for your applications.

The Aluminium housing is certified to protect class Ex ed IIC T6 by using components of increased safety. Implementing compact explosion-proof microswitches certified to classification group Ex ed IIC T6, we have created a multi-purpose application, and also a competitive limit switch box. When used as a potential free change-over contact, the microswitch offers a flexible method of controlling.


The ET-box is the classical housing shape in ROTECHs programm. This housing in standard design has its axis in the middle. Thus a symmetrical assembly of all components is possible and it offers enough space and free accessment to the terminal block for an easy connection of sensors and valves. The interior design offers enough space for an integration of a cylindrical proximity sensor up to M18 x 50 mm dimension.

Rotech Limit Switch Boxes
Rotech Limit Switch Boxes – ET Box

To mount the ET-box on to actuators of various sizes we offer a wide range of mounting brackets. The box is available with fixed standard sizes or with our extremely flexible universal bracket. The ET-box is available in material of construction Macrolon, Vestamid and extremely robust aluminium.

The Vestamid-cover is optionally available with a viewing window. The position of the connecting shaft to the actuator is indicated by an oversized, eye-catching yellow position indicator, which is also visible from a great distance.

This position indicator is turnable by 90°, thus a correct indication of the position of the valves is guaranteed even if the actuator is mounted traverse to the flow direction. The ET-box offers more technical advantages. To ensure a reliable connection between ET-box and the shaft of the part-turn valve actuator the axis of the ET-box is mounted with spring loaded feather.

As a result, tolerances, that may occur while operating can be compensated. Optionally it is possible to connect solenoid valves directly to the housing. There are no tools needed for the adjustment of the switching points in all designs. Very easy to adjust, though the set positions are secured against uncontrolled releases caused by vibrations due to the serrated switching cams.


  • Flexible electrical connection
  • Ease of mounting
  • 5 different housing materials: Makrolon, Vestamid, Polyester, Aluminium, and Stainless Steel


The TCR-housing is a „large capacity“ box with a compact design. Although with small dimensions it is possible to implement up to 4 microswitches, 4 slotted proximity sensors or 2 cylindrical proximity sensors (even up to size M18 x 60 mm incl. cable outlet).

Rotech Limit Switch Boxes
Rotech Limit Switch Boxes – TCR Box


  • Very compact design
  • Ease of service thanks to the simple mechanical construction at an affordable cost
  • Switching points individually adjustable in the range from 0° – 360°
  • Highly visible position indicator

The revolutionary design with NAMUR interface (according to VDI/VDE 3845) inside offers a safe installation of all switching components, which is created for direct mounting on a pneumatic actuator. A compensating element with similar effectiveness to the approved two-way breathable membrane avoids condensed water forming inside the housing even at extreme variations of temperature. Actuators and mounted accessories, e.g. limit switch boxes are often misused as steps in plants. Therefore we have found a way to protect the cable connection in a height offset of the housing.

This constructive solution protects the cable connection also against heavy rain because installed in the standard position the cable gland is covered by the housing or by the actuator. Once the cover is open the terminal block is absolutely freely accessible. As a result, wiring and installation is most comfortable and very fast.

In addition, the possibility for a direct connection of a solenoid valve is integrated as standard in the base of the housing. As a result, the installation time is optimized and offers the user control of the part-turn valve actuator and the detection of the end positions with one cable only.


The COM-Box is an extremely robust, multi-purpose, and innovative housing design – an all-rounder, which fits perfectly in different applications and diverse industry sectors. The newly created box made of coated aluminum offers as a special benefit the comfortable and practical solution of the hinge for the cover. As a result, the cover is attached and needs to be fastened and opened with only two captive screws. Compared to conventional housings this solution offers time saving and high ease of service.

Rotech Limit Switch Boxes
Rotech Limit Switch Boxes – COM Box

Also from the technical point of view, the COM-Box offers benefits: The foam-filled sealing and the enlarged diameter sealing guarantee high tightness and provide reliable service for a lifetime. The integrated two-way breathable membrane in the base of the box guarantees the compensation of steam pressure and avoids condensed water completely.

Due to the optimized housing design, it is possible to implement an extensive range of sensors and switches. The display on the cover is available in pure glass and various other materials. The axis of the box is available in stainless steel or robust plastic with indicators on both sides.


  • Robust thanks to the new housing design
  • Comfortable and captive cover with hinge for the cover
  • High tightness with high diameter seal and foam-filled sealing

The COM-Box with integrated microswitches is the most cost-saving choice to have all the benefits of this robust box. The microswitch is preferred in cases when there are no special requirements needed and the operating voltage is not specified. It fits perfectly into housing thanks to its compact design. When used as a potential free change-over contact, there are no limits to controlling possibilities.

The aluminum housing of the COM-Box guarantees the highest protection against the mechanical wear of sensors and all other environmental influences. The interior of the box is readily accessible due to the innovative and captive hinged cover. As a result, ease of inspection has increased a lot compared to conventional boxes.

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