Automatic Transfer Controller ATC-900 Switch Eaton

Automatic Transfer Controller ATC-900 provides all- phase Undervoltage, under frequency, overvoltage, and over frequency protection as a standard. Consult with the local utility company for permission and to verify the protection requirements, as each utility may have different rules regarding closed transition applications. Protective relays may be available as an option upon request.

A transfer switch designed for closed transition has make-before-break contacts, which requires the normal and alternate sources to be synchronized. The source contacts on Eaton’s CTC9 will parallel for 100 ms or less. Besides, a parallel limit timer (watchdog relay) comes standard to prevent paralleling sources for an extended period of time.

Automatic Transfer Controller ATC-900 Switch is a comprehensive, multi-function, microprocessor-based controller, offering extensive monitoring, status reporting, and transfer control operation. The make-before-break contact sequence coupled with Eaton’s ATC-900 provides a transfer switch that is useful in critical standby power applications available from 40–1200 A.

Automatic Transfer Controller ATC-900 Features

  • Auxiliary relay contacts:
    • Source 1 available 1NO/ 1NC
    • Source 2 available 1NO/ 1NC
  • Switch position indication contacts:
    • Source 1 position 1NO/ 1NC
    • Source 2 position 1NO/ 1NC
  • Source 1 and Source 2 senses:
    • Undervoltage/ under frequency
    • Overvoltage/ over frequency
  • Go to emergency (Source 2)
  • Seven field-programmable time delays
  • LCD-based display for programming, system diagnostics, and helpful message display
  • Mimic diagram with source available and connected LED indication
  • Time-stamped history log
  • System test pushbutton
  • Programmable plant exerciser
  • OFF, 7-day interval selectable run time 0–600 minutes no-load/load with fail-safe

Product Configuration

  • 40, 80, 100, 150, 200, 225, 260, 400, 600, 800,1000 and 1200 A ratings
  • Two-, three- or four-pole
  • Up to 600 Vac, 50/60 Hz
  • NEMA 1, 3R, 12

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Design Highlights

  • Field-selectable multi-tap transformer panel permits operation on a wide range of system voltages

Optional Features

  • UL 1449 3rd Edition compliant surge suppression devices
  • Space heater with thermostat
  • Power quality metering
  • Stainless steel cover for the controller
  • Pre-transfer signal contacts 1NO/1NC
  • Three-phase rotation protection (Source 1, Source 2, or both)
  • Three-phase voltage unbalance protection (Source 1, Source 2, or both)
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