Fuji FLR M-Flow PW Time Delta Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Fuji FLR M-Flow PW Time Delta Ultrasonic Flow Meter based on transit- time measuring method. Making full use of the latest electrics and digital signal processing technologies, we realized the equipment with improved anti-bubble performance high accuracy. The communication function (MODBUS: option) is also applicable.

Fuji FLR M-Flow PW Time Delta Ultrasonic Flow Meter General

  • This instrument provides a communication function by RS-485 interface, by which it can transmit and receive data to and from host computer, programmable controller, graphic display panel, etc.
  • When using the RS-485 interface, the communication system consists of master station and slave stations. Up to 31 slave stations (this instrument) can be connected per master station.
    Note that, because the master station can communicate with only only one slave station at a time, a party to communicate with must be specified by the “Station No.” set at each slave station.
  • In order that the master station and slave station can communicate, the format of the transmit/receive data must coincide. With this instrument, communication data format is determined by the MODBUS protocol and M-Flow protocol (our M-flow [Type: FLR]).
  • Please use an RS-232C ↔ RS-485 converter in case of designating a personal computer or other devices which have an RS-232C interface as a master station.

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  • Homogenous liquid where the ultrasonic signal can be transmitted
  • Bubble quantity: 0 to 12 vol % (For pipe size 50A, water, velocity 1m/s)
  • Fluid turbidity: 10000g/L max.
  • Type of flow: Fully-developed turbulent or laminar flow in a full-filled pipe

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Fuji FLR M-Flow PW Time Delta Ultrasonic Flow Meter Specifications

System Configuration Sigle-path system of a flow transmitter (Model FLR) and transducer (Model FSS)
Accuracy ±1.5% (±1.0% is also available)
Flow Velocity Range 0 to ±0.3 … ±10m/s
Power Supply 100 to 240V AC +10%/-15%, 50/60 Hz; or 20 to 30V DC
Ambient Temperature Flow Transmitter : -20 to +50 ºC
Transducer: -20 to +60 ºC
Power consumption 15VA max. (AC power supply)
6W max. ( DC power supply)
Analog signal 4 to 20mA DC (1 point)
Load resistance: 600Ω max.
Digital Output Foward total, reverse total, total switch assignable arbitrarily
Transistor contact (isolated, open collector)
Output: 2 point
Normal: ON/OFF selectable
Contact capacity: 30V DC, 50mA
Output Frequency: 1000P/s max. (pulse width: 5, 10, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000ms)
Material Transmitter: Plastic Alloy
FSSA: PBT(housing), SUS304(Guide rail)
FSSC: PBT(housing), Aluminium alloy + plastic (Guide rail)

Download : Data Sheet Fuji FLR FSS Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Reference: https://www.fujielectric.com/

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