VPFlowScope Probe Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The VPFlowScope® Probe measures mass flow, temperature, and pressure simultaneously. This probe can handle various diameters and measures in both directions. This makes it the ultimate compressed air audit tool used by leading auditors worldwide. Although the VPFlowScope Probe has been designed for dry compressed air, we also have a measuring probe for wet compressed air; the VPFlowScope DP.

Vp flow scope thermal Mass flow meter
Vp flow scope thermal Mass flow meter

The bright blue LCD display provides real-time information and with the built-in data logger, you can record for certain periods of time.  Combine this with our VPStudio software on your pc and you can use this information to process data, print reports and analyze where and how exactly you can save money.

Features and benefits

  • ThermabridgeTM technology
  • High dynamic range
  • Three sensors in one instrument
  • Standard Modbus and 4 … 20 mA
  • Bi-directional
  • Quick return on investment


  • Air audits
  • Demand-side monitoring
  • Sub-metering of compressed air
  • Ring networks (bi-directional)

One-stop shopping: VPFlowScope thermal mass probe start kit

VPInstruments offers a VPFlowScope thermal mass probe start kit; an entire set of everything you need to get started immediately for a very affordable price. You don’t have to worry about ordering everything separately or to gather everything you need in order to do an audit or an installation. You just order the kit and the way you go.

It includes:

  • The VPFlowScope thermal mass probe
  • A rugged explorer case includes pre-cut foam to match your VPFlowScope sensor, display and cables
  • A three-row LCD display
  • 2.000.000 points data logger
  • An interface box JB5 + 5m/16,4 ft cable (M12 connector) + 12V power supply + RS485 to USB cable
  • A compression fitting with Teflon ferrule
  • A safety chain
  • A calibration report
  • An English user manual
  • VPStudio full version software


Measuring principle Thermabridge™ Thermal Mass Flow sensor
Flow range 0.5 … 150 mn/sec | 0 … 500 sfps
Bi-directional flow Optional
Accuracy 2% of reading under calibration conditions.
Recommended pipe diameter: 40 mm (1.5”) and up
Reference conditions 0 °C, 1013.25 mbar 32 °F, 14.65 psi – DIN 1343
Gases Compressed air, nitrogen and inert, non-condensing gases, 95% non-condensing gases
Gas temperature range 0 … +60 °C | 32 … +140 °F
Pressure 0 … 16 bar G | 0 … 250 psi gauge
Outputs RS485, MODBUS RTU protocol, 4 … 20 mA single analog/pulse output, selectable via VPStudio software
Probe lengths 400 mm (300, 600 mm on request)
Process connection Compression fitting, 0.5” NPT thread
Pressure rating PN16 (PN35 on request)
Protection grade IP52 | NEMA 12 when mated to display module, avoid upside-down installation
IP63 | NEMA 4 when mated to connector cap, avoid upside-down installation
Power Supply 12 … 24 VDC+/- 10% Class 2 (UL)
Power consumption 3.6 Watt (no flow) 4.8 Watt (full flow) +/- 10%
150 mA (no flow) 200 mA (full flow) +/- 10% @24VDC
CE EN 61325-1 (2006), Class AEN 61000-6-1 (2007)
UL/CUL 14 AZ, Industrial Control Equipment

Download Datasheet: VPFlowScope Thermal Mass Flow Meter


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