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Aquaread Water Treatment is a multi-award winning, privately owned, British design and manufacturing company with a head office and manufacturing in Broadstairs, UK, and a sales office in Singapore. Aquaread is now over ten years old and has grown rapidly in the UK and globally with over 50 dealers.

Aquaread Water Treatment concentrated team consists of highly skilled individuals from various backgrounds such as engineering, innovative product design, production, management, scientific research, and software design. Our focus and vast skill set have enabled us to develop and successfully market an ever increasing range of highly precise water testing instruments.

Aquaread Water Treatment range now includes multiple water quality monitoring packages for both portable and permanent applications, water level loggers both absolute and vented and now including a conductivity variant. All of our products are 100% designed and manufactured in house.

We work actively in the surface water, groundwater, and waste water sectors globally.


Point Orange provides real-time remote monitoring of up to 5 programmable sensors. It has software programmable I/O functionality for hundreds of configurable combinations and includes support for analog, digital and counter inputs. The Point Orange can also communicate with third-party serial devices over Modbus (using RS232 and RS485) or SDI-12. In addition to the multiple configuration options, the Point Orange offers local monitoring of battery voltage, cellular signal strength, and ambient temperature.

Point Green is a compact Logger/RTU device with an integrated battery, a 3G modem with GPRS fallback, internal and/or external antenna, digital and counter inputs, Modbus and SDI-12 master capability, and a submersion sensor.

Water Treatment

Whether you require a turbidity meter or handheld device for the measurement of Blue Green Algae in reservoirs, the AP-LITE is the portable water quality meter for you. Sometimes multi-parameter measurement is not required, however, the flexibility to change sensors is. Our AP-LITE solves this with its single parameter, removable sensor design. Simply remove your current sensor, install the new sensor and calibrate, you are then ready to take measurements.

The AquaPlus handheld dissolved oxygen meter is a simple to use, accurate device which incorporates a combined optical dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, and temperature sensor. Supplied with our Aquaplus meter the portable water quality meter can be used to collect manual readings via the devices display or record readings to the Aquaplus handheld’s large internal memory.


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