Baudouin Marine, Industrial Diesel, and Natural Gas Engines

Baudouin over 100 Years experience in design, manufacturing and quality goes into every Baudouin engine. You can expect reliability, durability, excellent total cost of ownership and European quality from Baudouin products.

General Information


Our comprehensive Marine and PowerKit product ranges span 18 – 4000 kWm, a range that few engine manufacturers can match. And with multiple R&D centers across the world, we are continually improving and tailoring our range based on local customers and regulatory requirements.


Marine is in our DNA. Easy, fast and cost-effective maintenance and servicing are imperative int eh marine industry – and all of our engeines are designed to meet those same requirements. Our Marine and PowerKit engines are economical to run and quick to service, giving our customers a competitive edge.


With global manufacturing facilities which are adapted to our customers’ needs, you can count on us to deliver to your requirements on time and to specification.

  • Modern, efficient production facilities
  • Comprehensive ranges of standard product configurations
  • Customisation and tailoring to customer requirements, local emissions and regulations
  • Global application engineering presence for installation, commissioning and technical support
  • ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO/TS 16949, OHSAS18001″

Baudouin Product Line

Marine Engines

Baudouin Marine Engines Product
Baudouin Marine Engines Product

Baudouin marine propulsion engines are recognized worldwide for their quality, durability and reliability. Baudouin’s products comply with the latest marine and inland shipping environmental standards. Baudouin engines are designed specifically for marine applications, optimized for easy and cost effective maintenance.

Weichai Engines

Weichai WP7 Engines
Weichai WP7 Engines

Weichai propulsion engines are now available from the trusted Baudouin partners in Europe. These engines are excellent value for heavy-duty applications and offer you easy and cost-effective maintenance.

Marine Generator Sets

Baudouin Marine Generator Sets Product
Baudouin Marine Generator Sets Product

Baudouin offer a wide range of marine generator sets designed for use under the most extreme marine conditions. Baudouin’s wide range of marine products offers you a one-stop-shop for marine power and control solutions.

Powerkit Diesel for Power Generation

Baudouin PowerKit Diesel
Baudouin PowerKit Diesel

Baudouin’s full range of PowerKit products spans 15 – 3125 kVA, one of the most comprehensive ranges available on the market today.

Gas Engines

Baudouin PowerKit Gas Product
Baudouin PowerKit Gas Product

Baudouin Gas engines are designed to answer the challenges of efficient, cost effective and low emissions power requirements. From 63 kVa up to 1750 kVA, our PowerKit Gas engines are an ideal complement to renewable energy generation, as their operating flexibility and high efficiency can balance the intermittency of renewable power generation sources.

Variable Speed Engines for Industrial Applications

Baudouin PowerKit Variable Speed Product
Baudouin PowerKit Variable Speed Product

Baudouin variable speed engines draw their robustness, durability and easy maintenance from Baudouin’s marine heritage. They have been perfected for a diverse range of industrial applications such as agriculture, motor pump sets, firefighting, dredging pumps, and with their high tolerance to fuel quality are ideal for use in even the most remote areas around the world.

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