Bucher Hydraulics

Bucher Hydraulics are an international leading provider of innovative hydraulic drive and control technologies for mobile and industrial hydraulic applications.

Bucher Hydraulics General Information

Contributing high levels of technical expertise, we support our clients’ product development activities from the initial project phase to the finished machine. Bucher can provide valuable help in creating very advanced machinery that features stringent technical demands and exacting quality standards.

Hydraulics is the lore of liquid flow characteristics for signal, force and energy transmission. For us this means that we always work with the pressure of hydraulic oil. Not just from a purely physical perspective, but also with respect to new ideas and adaptation to our customers’ wishes. We focus our ideas on market requirements.

Under the influence of hydraulics a fluid that is normally quite harmless in a stagnant state, i.e. oil, is transformed into a tremendously powerful and constant force. We harness this power not only for our exceptionally durable products but also to ensure Bucher Hydraulics’ long-term and steady existence as a company.

Bucher Industries

Bucher Hydraulics is a division of Bucher Industries, and with our other divisions, we are in good company. Other Bucher Industries companies include Kuhn Group, Bucher Municipal, Bucher Emhart Glass and Bucher Specials.

Bucher Industries is represented worldwide with production plants, sales centers and competence centers. The core areas of the global economy are agriculture and infrastructure development. This is why Bucher Industries concentrates on the markets that focus on these areas.

Impeccable Safety Is a Team Effort

At Bucher Hydraulics, we not only ensure the safety of our employees at each of our facilities, but also the safety of the users of our products. Our products are thoroughly tested in state-of-the-art labs to ensure reliability and performance. We are so well known for our proven product safety that many of our products are backups for other systems in the event of a failure.

Bucher Hydraulics Products

Mobile and Industrial Hydraulics

Hydraulics can be used wherever force and movement need to be controlled. All development activities at Bucher are centered on customer requirements and thus often result in tailor-made components and systems.
Mobile and Industrial Hydraulics Product
Mobile and Industrial Hydraulics Product
By optimizing the layout of the overall design, we can offer compact and economic hydraulic systems that simultaneously raise the performance level of the application. Bucher Hydraulics creates systems that reveal the immense flexibility of modern hydraulics when combined with easy-to-use electronic controls.

Bucher Hydraulics Mobile Drives

Mobile Drives (formerly know as Lenze-Schmidhauser) is a department of Bucher Hydraulics that develops and supplies frequency converters, servo drives and drive technology for mobile and industrial applications.
Bucher Mobile Drives
Bucher Mobile Drives
Bucher Hydraulics Mobile Drives are products with a high degree of protection designed specifically for mobile applications. We offer power electronics ranging from customer-specific solutions to high-volume solutions for auxiliary units of hybrid and electric vehicles. The compact product platform MOBILE with multi-inverter and DC/DC converter is designed for electrical gensets in commercial vehicles.

Elevator Hydraulics

Bucher Hydraulics offers a wide range of hydraulic lift components. Electronically controlled lift valves provide unsurpassed ride comfort, irrespective of load and temperature. All lift control valves are factory preset to the installation-specific parameters. This reduces the on-site installation time to the minimum.
Bucher Elevator Hydraulics
Bucher Elevator Hydraulics

Comfort Line

The standard power unit with the electronically controlled lift valve offers unlimited application possibilities and numerous options.

Eco Line

The high-performance, economical, and low-noise drive solution with the VF-… electronically controlled lift valve reduces energy consumption by up to 80% in comparison with mechanicallycontrolled hydraulic lift installations.


The reliable standard power unit of our Comfort Line combined with an elevator control gives the intelligent package iPack.

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