Bauer Gear Motor

Bauer Gear Motor Founded in 1927 and has grown globally to become a preferred source for high-quality, extremely reliable geared motors.

General Information

Bauer engineers develop technically-advanced solutions that feature energy-efficient motors paired with optimal gearboxes to provide customers with the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Bauer’s wide product range includes helical geared motors, shaft-mounted geared motors, bevel-geared motors, worm geared motors, monorail geared motor drives, aseptic drives, and C-adapter motor connection.

Bauer engineered solutions can be found hard at work in a variety of key markets including food & beverage, energy, wastewater, concrete, metals and material handling on applications such as washdown conveyor systems, rolling mills, monorail systems and overhead conveyors, sludge thickeners, cranes, fans & blowers and turbines.

Bauer Gear Motor welcomes the EU Directive

EU Directive 2009/125/EC (Ecodesign Requirements for Energy Related Products) defines the conditions for these savings. The EU member states gave their support to the new rules for reducing the energy demand of industrial motors. The regulation (EU) 2019/1781 is laying down ecodesign requirements for electric motors and variable speed drives pursuant to Directive 2009/125/EC.

The regulation sets out two stages: from 01 July 2021 onward, motors must comply as a minimum with MEPS (Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards) energy efficiency class IE2 (High Efficiency) within the power range >=0,12 to <0,75kW and IE3 (Premium efficiency) for motor powers >=0,75 kW. From 01 July 2023 single phase motors and Ex eb increased safety motors must comply as a minimum with energy efficiency class IE2 (High Efficiency) with motor powers >=0,12 kW.

Company policy

Bauer Gear Motor sees ecodesign as an affirmation of the group‘s own efforts. Bauer Gear Motor strives to reach its goals with minimum consumption of raw materials and energy, the least possible impact on the environment, and efficient use of resources. A memo to employees says: “Bauer Gear Motor fully supports the Directive, especially because most of our developments are committed to energy savings. The philosophy of the Directive is also in tune with our system of values and our mission.”

As a responsible manufacturer, Bauer Gear Motor provides drive systems for all IE classes, in addition to advanced solutions that go beyond the minimum statutory requirements. Competent consulting and knowledge transfer enable our customers not only to use cost effective solutions, but also to benefit from sustainable energy savings. Asynchronous systems designed for all kinds of operation. PMSM optimized for use with frequency converters, with the ability to achieve – even in partial load operation – the greatest energy savings.

We support our customers with advice and assistance for their future security.

What does the EU directive mean?

TheIEC 60034-30-1 is an international standard for energy-efficient motors which will be transferred step-by-step to national regulations worldwide. Electric motors account for approximately 1470 TWh of the total energy demand of the EU in 2020. Using energy efficient motors would reduce approximately €20 billion by 2030 every year, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and reducing global warming.

Bauer Gear Motor Product Line

Energy Efficient Geared Motors

The Bauer Gear Motor range of motors offers trend-setting technologies for energy-efficient drives and for motor designs tailored to specific applications. The latter option enables highly efficient drive solutions without requiring additional space.

Bauer Energy Efficient Geared Motors
Bauer Energy Efficient Geared Motors

Total flexibility in mounting options allow unparalleled integration possibilities.High level of parts interchangeability for all gear motor components benefits the customer with increased options, reduced costs, faster deliveries, and a faster maintenance “learning curve”. Generously dimensioned ball or roller bearings, case hardened forged and ground gears, and internally and externally reinforced gearboxes ensure a long, low maintenance service life.

Superior protection of IP65 acc. to IEC 529 assures you that the all geared motors are dust tight and hose proof, and can be used outdoors or in wet and dusty environments without the use of additional enclosures. Full rated output is available at the output shaft of the unit.

Geared Motors

Bauer most selling and most economical unit, the BG gear motor, sets new standards for reliability and economy and includes unparalleled standard features

Bauer Geared Motors Product
Bauer Geared Motors Product

An inverter friendly design provides for easy integration now and a truly future proof solution. Inch or metric dimensioned output shafts are standard providing for easy integration into all your applications.

The BG gear motor offers total flexibility in mounting options includes foot, base, face, and flange solutions. The motor terminal box can be mounted in alternative positions rotated in 90° steps around the motor frame providing for unparalleled integration possibilities.BG gear motors comply with North American and International standards, including NEMA, IEC, CSA, & CE, the BG series allows for worldwide acceptance, a true total solution for our global customers.

Small Industrial Geared Motors

Small Industrial BS-Series geared motors in sizes BS02, BS03 and BS04 are compact high quality geared motors widely used in machinery, material handling, packaging, pharmaceutical machinery, textile machinery and many more where compactness is an essential feature.

Small Industrial Geared Motors
Small Industrial Geared Motors

The BS-Series geared motor range are economical, right-angle, worm-geared motors that install easily in the tightest applications. Economical right angle worm geared motors set new standards for reliability, efficiency and economy with unparalleled features including hollow shafts in the smallest sizes. The BS gear motor offers total flexibility in mounting options includes shaft, base, face, and flange solutions.

The motor terminal box can be mounted in alternative positions rotated in 90º steps around the motor frame providing for unparalleled integration possibilities.

Submersible Products

Bauer reliable BK geared motor sets new standards for reliability, efficiency and economy and includes unparalleled standard features including hollow shafts in the smallest sizes.

Bauer Submersible Products
Bauer Submersible Products

Bauer IP68 design geared motors are derived from the standard B2000 range and are most suitable where it is required to convey or transport foul, waste, river or rain water, and all types of sludge-containing waters in communal or industrial areas. They are frequently used in agitators for mixing, homogenising, etc. or in extremely wet areas or completely submersed under water.

Bauer HiflexDRIVE

The innovative HiflexDRIVE bevel geared motor range from Bauer Gear Motor characterize themselves through compactness, flexibility and efficiency.

Bauer HiflexDRIVE
Bauer HiflexDRIVE

The high flexibility of the Bauer modular system makes solutions possible for almost all drive tasks. The HiflexDRIVE is available in standard, aseptic and stainless steel versions and thus fits optimally in all areas in conveyor technology especially where a long life cycle, ease of servicing, efficiency and cleanability are of upmost importance.

The combination of the BK17 range and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) means not only that the PMSM design is superior at converting electrical energy into mechanical power, it also offers the added benefit of maintaining constant speed independent of the load. This means that motor speed does not vary – despite overload variations or cases of voltage drop – as long as the mains frequency is kept constant. PMS motors are perfectly suitable as drives for applications with constant torque such as conveyor systems.

Bauer Decentral Solutions

The EtaK2.0 features maximum user friendliness in operation and installation. Especially for decentralised drive solutions, it demonstrates its high efficiency in terms of space, time and energy.

Bauer Decentral Solutions
Bauer Decentral Solutions

The EtaK2.0 meets all demands on modern, universally deployable and cost-effective motor/VFD combinations. That makes it the ideal choice for all forms of decentral tasks.

Efficient and Ideal for Decentral Systems

EtaK2.0 geared motors help you cut costs in several areas: in planning and installation, in operation and in maintenance. They help you control the efficiency of your installations, protect your mechanical components and reduce mains loading.

In this way EtaK2.0 geared motors make a significant contribution to energy savings and efficiency optimisation in your application. All EtaK2.0 geared motors are a combination of helical, shaft-mounted, bevel and worm geared motors and a variable frequency drive (VFD).

They give you compact drive solutions with continuously variable speed and rated motor power up to 7.5 kW, with the VFD mounted directly on the motor. Thanks to their compact design, the entire drive needs only slightly more installation space than a conventional geared motor.

EtaK2.0 geared motors are smart power components for future-oriented system designs and can easily be adapted to specific working conditions and required process speeds. They are preferably controlled using a field bus system, but they also support control through digital and analogue inputs and outputs. The VFD provides valuable additional information for system protection and monitoring.

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