Bronkhorst Mass Flow Meter and Controllers

Bronkhorst Mass Flow Meter and Controllers is a truly worldwide organisation with subsidiary offices for sales and support in Great Britain, France, Northern Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Singapore (for APAC countries) and the USA.

General Information

In addition we have built up an extensive complementary network of distributors and service stations across Europe and the rest of the world, whereby local expertise and service is offered.

Bronkhorst High-Tech BV was founded in Vorden, a town in the east of the Netherlands, in 1981. The enterprise was set up by Teus Bruggeman, Wybren Jouwsma and two co-founders who spent only a few years with the company. The company name derives indirectly from the nearby, picturesque little village of Bronkhorst, which claims to be the smallest city in the Netherlands.

Following this pioneering phase, the family company experienced dramatic growth, managed by Bruggeman as commercial director and Jouwsma as technical director. In 1983, the company, which at that time had ten employees, relocated from Vorden to Ruurlo. The success that the young enterprise had booked was recognised in 1987 with the award of the King William I plaque. By this time, the company staff had already grown to over 30 employees.

The international growth continued and Bronkhorst has since set up subsidiary branches in Europe, Asia and American to provide worldwide support for its sales and services. Today, in 2021, the company has 15 branches and a total of some 600 employees.

Under the leadership of board members Henk Tappel, Robert Tiessink, Fergus van Beek and Alex Vossebeld, Bronkhorst has been able to continue its family business culture that the founders created. Employees show consideration and appreciation for each other and are given plenty of opportunity to further develop their careers. As a business partner, the company aims to foster long-term relationships, in which close collaboration with clients, suppliers and expertise centres results in innovative, high-quality products and solutions for metering and controlling flow and pressure.

Bronkhorst Mass Flow Meter and Controllers Products

Bronkhorst Mass Flow Meter and Controllers
Bronkhorst Mass Flow Meter and Controllers

Bronkhorst offers the widest range of low-flow (mass) flow meters and pressure meters & controllers on the market. For applications in laboratories, machinery, industry and hazardous areas, numerous versions of both standard and bespoke instruments can be offered.

Gas Flow

Bronkhorst offer a wide range of Gas Flow Meters & Gas Flow Controllers for low flow rates. Applications in laboratory and industrial environment. Find your product.

Liquid Flow

For micro to low flow rates of liquids, we offer Mass Flow Meters and Controllers, based on the thermal and Coriolis measuring principle as well as volumetric flow meters based on ultrasonic, Vortex, electromagnetic and positive displacement working principles.

Vapour Flow

The CEM-System (Controlled Evaporation and Mixing) is an innovative vapour delivery system, consisting of a liquid flow controller, an MFC for carrier gas and a temperature controlled mixing and evaporation device. Based on this CEM-technology, we designed an integrated Vapor Delivery Module, incorporating Readout/Control and (optional) fieldbus functionality.

Flow Solutions

We develop innovative solutions for many different applications in many different markets. In addition to the standard product line, the company provides tailor-made, complete fluid control solutions for OEM systems. Our Solutions Group is dedicated to assist the end user in finding the optimum, customer-specific process configuration.


Our Forward and Back Pressure Controllers are often applied in flow measurement or control applications, to deliver a constant pressure inside a reactor chamber (from vacuum up to 400 bar) or automatically adjust the process pressure according to the system requirements.

Accessories and Software

For optimal support of our customers, Bronkhorst offers a wide variety of software tools and accessories for mounting, electrical installation and operation of our Mass Flow Meters & Controllers for Gases and Liquids, Electronic Pressure Meters & Controllers and Vapour Delivery Systems.

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