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Clark Solutions has represented and distributed specialized components for the HVAC for 30 years, Original Equipment Manufacturer, and Process Engineering communities. Calling on our many years of experience and factory engineering support, our knowledgeable sales team works daily to evaluate every new application for component suitability and selection. We are committed to customer satisfaction from application concept and engineering through procurement and fulfillment.

About Clark Solution

Trusted Representative

Clark Solutions has leveraged years of success to become a trusted factory representative for over 25 companies located here in the USA, as well as eight international partners plus our own manufactured products. Our team represents and supports the world’s best in flow, pressure, level, temperature control products, and a full range of small pumps and specialty valves. Each product line has been chosen to fill unique niches and specialized application needs. We work daily to match our customer’s specific requirements to quality components.

Innovation & Support

Clark Solutions sales representatives have hands-on training with our various components and constantly work new applications driven by ever-evolving markets. In cooperation with the partnering manufacturers, we advise and guide product developers, design engineers, R&D communities, and universities to choose the appropriate component based on the application details, quality/life cycles, and price. If requested, we regularly assist with adapting and/or modifying product to fit the unique application. We stay involved throughout the prototype/design process and follow through to the production/implementation and fulfillment stages.

Staging & Scheduling

In addition to a large range of on-hand standard warehouse products, Clark Solutions for years has developed quantity-based pricing programs, offered warehouse and assembly services to satisfy special customer needs, provided scheduling assistance, and staged shipping programs from our warehouse facility in Hudson, MA.

Quality & Services

We continue to succeed through dedication to long term product quality, support and service. Most of our quality pumps, valves and instrumentation components are manufactured in ISO-approved factories or third party calibrated manufacturing processes. Our service goal is develop long term repeat business through quality and service.

The Products of Clark Solutions

Clark Solutions Products
Clark Solutions Products


Clark Solutions supplies a wide variety of pumps for liquid and gas applications.  We offer peristaltic, diaphragm, piston, miniature piston pump, impeller, rotary vane, centrifugal and gear pumps. These pumps are matched with a variety of motors and drive packages depending on the customer’s requirements. Applications include fluid transfers, dispensing, batching, handheld analyzers, sampling, medical devices, automation products, for both pressure and/or vacuum service.


Clark Solutions supplies specialized valves for virtually all fluidics, both liquid, and gaseous applications. Our valve offering includes general service solenoid valves, inert isolation and pinch solenoid valves along with pneumatic and motor actuated ball or gate valves. Many of these valve products can be customized to meet different air, gaseous, and wetted chemistry applications in HVAC, analytical, general industrial, biotech, medical, and automation systems.

Instrumentation & Controls

Clark Solutions offers high-quality instrumentation and control products for the measuring and monitoring flow, pressure, temperature and levels of most liquid and gas media. Our liquid flow products include sight indicators, switches, variable area, single & multi-jet totalizing, orifice plate, turbine, paddle-wheel, impellor, gear wheel, and vortex style meters. Our gaseous flow meters include variable area, orifice, and thermal mass flow meters.

Clark Solutions supplies pressure, differential pressure, and temperature products for both liquid and gas measurement for every type of application and environment. We also work applications and provide liquid level & air velocity measurement equipment, monitors, controllers and signal conditioners. All of our measuring instruments are designed and commonly used in the OEM marketplace in numerous products and applications servicing the HVAC, analytical, general process, biotech, medical and automation industries.

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