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About Eletta Flow AB

Eletta Flow AB started business 1947 and since then the name has been synonymous with flow monitoring through many industries worldwide. The Flow Monitors and Flow Meters, which are of originally patented design, are extremely robust and reliable and therefore well suited to be mounted in rugged and harsh industrial environments. The patent is still today underlying the major part of the product program.

The annual production comes to a proximal 10 000 units, which are mounted and shipped from our facility in Kungens Kurva south of Stockholm, Sweden. A clear trend towards more sophisticated and elaborate models can be discerned. Although the traditional Eletta customer is mainly looking for a safe and reliable product with a long lifespan and with a minimum of service, he can always find this in the “Classic” series.

Eletta Flow is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and manufactures Flow Monitors and Meters within three main groups:

  • Flow Meters and Flow Monitors based on the differential pressure principle equipped with an orifice-plate
  • Flow Switches with variable area
  • Flow Switches of Paddle type

The first-mentioned group is dominant from both technical and commercial points of view. Eletta Flow gives you six types of mechanical and electromechanical flow monitors. The M-series Flow Meter, which is based on pressure transducers, is a fully electronic flow meter with an orifice plate. This Flow Meter is designed for measuring Liquids, Gases and can also be used as a DP transmitter. With this model, Eletta Flow takes a big step forward toward higher accuracy, stability, and flexibility.

The Products of Eletta Flow AB

Eletta manufacure Flow Monitors and Flow Meters of three types:

  • Flow Meters and Flow Monitors based on the differential pressure principle with an orifice plate
  • Flow Switches with variable area
  • Flow Switch or paddle type

The first-mentioned group is the most dominant from both technical and commercial points of view. V-, S-, R-, D-, and A-series are based on the same technical construction as the original Eletta patent. For 60 years they have proven to be the most reliable and long-lasting. Eletta gives you different types of mechanical end electro-mechanical flow monitors and meters. In 2004 we introduced our M-series, a completely new type of electronic flow meter with an orifice plate. By releasing this new model Eletta took a big step forward in development with regard to accuracy and flexibility.

M3 – Flow Meter measuring Gas, Liquid flow and DP

M3-series from Eletta is a unique product. Three modes in one instrument: Gas, Liquid and Differential Pressure.

Eletta Flow AB - Flow Monitors and Flow Meters
Eletta Flow AB – Flow Monitors and Flow Meters

The well-documented differential pressure measuring principle with exchangeable orifice-plates is the base for this construction. In combination with two independent absolute piezoresistive pressure sensors it gives you a compact Flow Meter which aslo can be used for three different modes. Through the Eletta software Flow Center you can easily change function to:

  • Gas flow measurement
  • Liquid flow measurement
  • Differential Pressure

The M-series is one of the smallest gas flow meters on the market to measure most gases with an automatic compensation for changes in pressure and temperature. If you change the function to DP mode you can use it as a standalone DP transmitter. As a Flow meter for liquids as oil and water, it is an accurate meter that can be used with different pipe sections in most sizes. M3-series comes in three pressure classes: 10, 25, and 50 bar.

D-series – backlit display and 4-20 mA output signal and HART

The D2 and D5 Flow Monitor is the new model with microprocessor-based electronics and back lit digital display.The display can be rotated 90 degrees (electronically) which makes it possible to install the monitor both vertically and horizontally in any piping system.

Eletta Flow meter AB D Series
Eletta Flow meter AB D Series

The D2 and D5 is equipped with a 4-20 mA output signal as well as local alarms and HART protocol. A linearization possibility of the flow curve is built in and can be programmed by the user. Also included is a re-settable flow totalizer. In order to conveniently set up a flow system at dry conditions, a simulation mode for the analogue, frequency output signal, as well as HART, can be activated.

S-series – mechanical flow monitor with two set points

The S-series have a large and easy readable dial of 130 mm which is clearly visible even in a harsh and dusty industrial environment. It has two micro switch setpoints which are independently adjustable within the measuring range and they can be set for high and low flow alarms, for example, to protect expensive equipment in various piping systems.

Eletta Flow meter AB - S Series
Eletta Flow meter AB – S Series

The Monitor is insensitive to surrounding magnetic fields and it combines the long-standing proven mechanical function with outstanding reliability. The S-series can also be ordered without the micro switches, designated S0-series, and is then used a direct reading flow meter only.

V-series Flow Monitor with one set point

The V Series comes without local indication as standard. A small indicating window can be quoted as an alternative. V series has one micro switch set-point, it is adjustable within the flow range of the monitor.

Eletta Flow meter AB V Series
Eletta Flow meter AB V Series

You can easily upgrade a V-series to a flow monitor with a local indication or analog output by changing the indicating unit as the different series uses the same pipe sections. The mechanical construction of the V-series means that it is insensitive to magnetic fields, it is also well-suited for rough industrial applications.

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