Iwaki Pump

Iwaki Pump is their large variation of products, often considered the Widest range of specialist Chemical Pumps. Iwaki was established 1956.

General Information

While developing products for the diverse needs of customers, we built a wide-range, low volume production system. Today many customers tell us, if there is anything they need to know about chemical pumps, they first ask us. Our journey so far parallels the history of chemical pump development and we are proud to be a part of this history. Leveraging our quality control and product expertise built from our long experience and proven track record, we will continue to supply high quality products that meet our customers’ requirements.

Iwaki Pump
Iwaki Pump

Iwaki Pump Product

Chemical Pumps Line Up

Magnetic drive pumps

Magnet drive designs have become the standard for applications requiring corrosion resistant pumps. Our magnet drive pump designs offer a wide range of capabilities from compact OEM configurations to our large chemical process pump series. This broad range of magnet drive pump capabilities is unmatched in the industry making us the leader in magnet drive pump technology.

Product lineup by max. discharge capacity range (50/60Hz)

  • Max. discharge capacity 135L/min and below, Small size magnetic drive pumps
  • Max. discharge capacity: 800L/min and below, Middle size magnetic drive pumps
  • Max. discharge capacity: 5000L/min and below, Large size magnetic drive pumps

Motor driven metering pumps

Range of metering pumps from Iwaki pump for various requirements of chemical feeding. Their quality and performance are tried-and-tested. Iwaki continuously strive to manufacture ideal metering pumps such as hydraulic diaphragm pumps for process use that can withstand tough use conditions, mechanically-driven diaphragm metering pumps for general purpose, electromagnetic metering pumps with excellent controllability.

Electromagnetic Metering Pumps

Electromagnetic pump series equipped with multi-voltage power source are used in diverse chemical feeding situations. Starting from ultra-compact high resolution basic pumps to pumps equipped with multifunctional digital controllers for water treatment, a wide array of models are available. Several variations, and rich line up of accessories most certainly meet the needs of our customers.

Pneumatic Drive Bellows Pumps

Ultra-clean specification with strong proven track record in semiconductor manufacturing process. Indigenously developed bellows pumps have long life, and they also reduce the downtime. Durability of bellows pumps that form the core, has already been proven by their robust sales record over more than 20 years. All wetted parts use fluoroplastic, and they can handle chemicals used in semiconductor applications such as acids, alkalis, and excess water. External surface of pumps is coated with fluoroplastic so that no metal part is exposed.

Rotary displacement pumps

Rotary displacement pumps with distinct construction for transferring viscous liquids and slurries. World’s first chemical gear pumps equipped with fine ceramic gears, hose pumps capable of transferring solid substances, tube pumps for multipurpose use from research laboratories to general industrial use, and sanitary type rotary pumps. Iwaki pump is working on various technical innovations of pumps.

Air pumps

Backed by superior technical development and know-how that is built on long time experience; Iwaki pump offers a wide array of pumps with a proven track record that have been tried-and tested. These pumps are available in a wide variety; starting with ultra-compact models for medical and analytical devices to vacuum pumps for general industrial use, these pumps continue to support the diverse needs of our customers.

Reference: iwakipumps.jp

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